Can’t add a sit past Sept 2024

Hi I am trying to add a sit from end of April to early October is there a limit on time or how far ahead as app is not allowing the dates


Hi @Newtothis and a warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I think this may be because your membership runs till September 24 and is not set up on an auto renew. Could you check whether your membership has an auto renewal set up to confirm if this is what is causing the issue? I will also tag @Angela_L to this thread.

Hi @Samox24
There seems to be a period of how far advance a listing can be created much like booking a flight. I have encountered this with some of my repeat invites.
For October it seems we have to wait another month. Maybe that is something that can be changed. I just keep checking and watching as I plan.

@Newtothis congratulations on your happy gap year! Your sit looks fabulous. Enjoy!

When I search for sits I can also only search up to 1 year ahead so up to Sep 2023 …

My auto renew is on ( Jan 2024 ) and the bank card expiry date is for 2025 …so it’s not that .

So I think 1 year ahead is the max time that you can list …


Thank you for the info @Amparo :+1:t2:

Hi @Newtothis we have sent your question directly to Membership Services so please can you keep a check on your emails for a response from them

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Hi @Amparo @Silversitters we have passed both of your comments regarding this issue to MS for clarification and we will update you as and when we have more information.

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I am having the exact same issue, can only see through until September 2024.

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Thank you @ziggy I will pass this on for you and as mentioned previously will update as and when we have more information


Assume you mean 2024

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You can do it on the PC web page. Then you’re able to view it on the app or mobile web page after.
I made this search on my PC and can now see it on the app. Hopefully you have access to a PC.


On mobile site and app I find you can only search a year out.


Wow now that is a huge discrepancy in access.
Thanks for doing that research.


We’d always thought you could only search 11+ months ahead. The calendar opens up on the app as you move into a new month. Interesting you can search up to 2027 on the website @ExploreDreamDiscover :thinking: #greatinfo


@Cuttlefish actually, it lets me go forever. I just stopped eventually . :laughing:

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How would you know that information @Samox24 ?

Thanks you @Smiley yes I do ……have corrected my typo :smiley:… hasn’t 2023 flown by …?

(Time flys when you’re having fun house sitting)


…… off to check PC web page for listings in 2063

We need to keep in mind that the original question was the ability for a HO to post a listing further than a year in advance, not for sitters to save searches.

Good point @Amparo

Could the answer to the original problem also be linked to trying to do this on the app ?

Maybe you can do it on a PC webpage but not on the app ( if the app Callander does not go beyond 12 months ahead ) ?

We need a home owner to test this theory ??

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