Can we be jealous of our sitters when our pets miss them?

i’m the anxious type of owner. I always ask my sitters to send me photos of our pets every 2 days, if they do it everyday, I’m delighted.
But I must confess sometimes I felt a little jealous to see that my beloved dog, Nuage, seemed to love my sitters as much as me (may be more ? Horrible thought !!) He was making cuddles to my sitters as i could notice on photos they sent to me

Last summer, after the sudden Nuage’s death, we adopted a new puppy, Tahoe.
We had him only for 2 weeks when our sitters arrived, they had been warned they would not have to walk Nuage, but try instead to educate a 3 months old dog and avoid battles with the cat.
They kept Tahoe for 2 weeks, sent us photos. But the very day we came back, Tahoe was totally scared when we opened the house (I had told the sitters to go out for dinner when we arrived at the train station ) : he hid himself, barking so loudly I was really depressed. He had totally forgotten us.

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Your young puppy, Tahoe, did not have time to learn you are his primary person, only two weeks was way to short a time. (I am not an expert, but it is what I feel.) Hope you are bonding with Tahoe now. Give him a big hug from me.


Yes, he was OK the following morning. But i had forgotten how terrible is a puppy who chews shoes, books, glasses furniture. Our 2 last dogs were rescue ones and older when adopted… I need to wait for a few months before sitters can be in charge of this one… He digs holes in the garden (his mother is half à lab and Labs dig holes, i’ve been told…)
Anybody knows how to prevent him from doing so ?

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