Cancellation Help

Our sitter just cancelled and I’ve read and am following up on the actions listed here: to find a new sitter. However, after I unconfirmed and made sure our listing was active, when I searched I saw that our sit doesn’t “show at the top of relevant searches” as it says. And with respect to the invitation at the end to be in contact with the Membership Services team, I didn’t find any link, email or other way I’m supposed to do that so posting here for assistance.

Our sit is still 3.5 weeks away, but it is over a month long and so I know it could be very hard to find someone with sufficient availability at this stage to help. Can you let me know what can be done on your side, as I’m reaching out to previous applicants? Unfortunately, most of them are no longer available, so I’m afraid our best avenue is going to be through it at least popping up in the “new” feed so it doesn’t get buried where people might think they’ve already seen it. Thanks.

Hi @PenniT I’m sorry to hear that your sitter has cancelled and yes you have taken the right steps to get your sit up and active again.

You can add the listing link into your Forum profile this will allow other forum members to view your listing and may be able to contribute helpful feedback, this link will explain how you can do that How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

We can also share on our Social Media Channels but need your permission to do that, you can DM me the details.

I know the most important thing for every pet parent is having your pet’s care confirmed but there is still time, you are in a wonderful location and a month long sit will be attractive to many sitters.

Thanks, Angela! I’ve added it to my profile. And yes, I think it would be helpful to have it posted to social media and any other way to boost it’s visibility. DM sent.