Cancellations and private invitations

Have owners on this forum faced multiple cancellations ? How did they react ?

2 sitters have cancelled a sit which was accepted in june for the 1st one, who finally declined in july for health reasons (shoulder problem, he is afraid to walk my young dog 20 kilos and told me in the future he will only sit cats) ok.

That sit was for the end of this september. So i had put my advert in advance

The 2nd sitter has cancelled 3 days ago because a kitten appeared in her garden and she prefers to rescue him than coming to look after Tahoe. Is it an excuse ? (I published my ad on THS and another site, she is not a member of THS either)

So I publish my ad and also sendprivate invitations (on THS only) to french sitters or foreign sitters living in France having references and speaking a minimum french.

Everytime somebody takes time to decline, i sent another private invitation to another sitter.
So far 14 sitters have answered me, negatively , 5 have not read yet my invitation after 3 days, 3 have not answered but read and I feel allowed to invite other sitters. I looked everytime on calendars, some people seemed free, they are not

I’m in panic as i needed a sitter because i do myself a sit and i can’t cancel. i accepted that sit in France in Lot in Garonne in june, I will never behave like that.

I’m surprised some sitters, with many references, who read invitations don’t even answer . I, on my side, thanked all the sitters who had taken time to decline

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