Cat poo down toilet

On more than one sit I’ve had owners who flush cat poo down the toilet. I won’t do this and always put in a biodegradable bag and into outdoor rubbish bin. It is a health hazard to put down the loo, so why do some owners still do it?


Interesting… I’m genuinely curious as of why it’s a health hazard. Human poo gets flushed down there.


Fascinating topic! Do they not use litter pans in the UK for indoor kitties? Just curious???


I have a friend who has worked his lifetime in the water industry and always says there are only three things that should be put down a toilet -Poo, Pee, and Paper. Nothing else, even if it is marked ‘flushable’
For this reason, I would never put ‘flushable’ cat litter down the toilet.

I can’t say I have ever done it but I would have thought just cat poo would be fine. Maybe bits of cat litter stuck to it would be an issue?

Edit - I just googled it and it seems toxoplasma in cat poo is a problem. Every day is a school day. Thanks for the heads up @Wildcolonialgirl


Cat poo shouldn’t be flushed down a toilet because cat poo contains the parasite toxoplasma which some sewage systems can’t destroy. Toxoplasmosis is harmful for humans (especially pregnant women) and other warm blooded mammals.

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Yes, but you have to remove the poo from the litter tray and dispose of it.

I would be thrilled to flush it!

Into the bin it goes