Cat Sitter Needed 20th Dec - 30th Jan, Elizabeth Bay Sydney

Dates: 20th dec- 30 Jan
Location: Elizabeth Bay Sydney
Country: Australia

Cat and plant sitting, Elizabeth Bay, NSW

Request: Needing a sitter ASAP, the cat sitter needs to cancel and we desperately need someone to look after our plants and a gorgeous cat called Zozo.

Or if you can’t sit the whole dates : open to 20th Dec - 5th Jan. I might have a sitter from the 5th.

Thank you.


It helps if you add a link in your forum username to the listing, as then sitters can easily view the listing. Here are the instructions on how to do that.

I just searched the information you list here and can’t find the listing on the site, so others may have a difficult time too.


Thank you for the help. Ver very helpful.

Hi @Tania and so sorry to hear about your sitter cancellation. As @Snowbird says you can add your listing to the profile… but I’m adding the description of your sit to your post here, to help people find it in the meantime. All the best, and finger’s crossed, Vanessa

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THank you Vanessa, That is really kind. Tania