Cat sitter needed - one lovely cat! 9 - 15 May, Durham , UK

Dates: 9 to 15 May
Location: Durham, UK
Country: UK

Hello! It’s the first time I use this website but I still haven’t found any sitter.
I have a cat called Brubru that is just lovely, loves human company and cuddles.
Anybody? :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot!

My live listing can be found in my forum profile.

Hello and a warm welcome @Arianna - lets hope our community can help you find someone to take care of cuddly BruBru…


We do ask members to post their listings in their forum profiles rather than in posts, and I’ve just done this for you. Just in case you were wondering why it disappeared :slight_smile:

I’m sure our members will offer up some friendly advice. All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

Thank you Vanessa!
fingers crossed :blush:


Bru Bru is so cute!!!

I hope you find someone!!! It’s hard for me to imagine that there are not many sitters wanting this opportunity. It seems like a lovely location and a lovely new friend.

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Welcome to the forum @Arianna. Brubru looks quite a character, that is a great set of photos of him.

Durham is a lovely city. I haven’t been there for such a long time (I’m from York originally but now live in Gloucestershire). We can only travel in school holidays.

I do hope you find a great sitter to take care of Brubru and enjoy Durham.

@Arianna your little man BruBru sounds and looks adorable.
Your listing is great. I would love to do a house-sit in Durham as I have never visited but always wanted to. Sadly we are also tied to school holidays.
One thing I would mention is that the way you describe BruBru as being “very sad” to be home alone and how he would follow people like a dog makes me think I would feel dreadful about leaving him at home to do any exploring. I imagine I would feel so guilty about going out that I wouldn’t get to see much of the area, which would be a shame.
If that isn’t strictly true and there are times he might happily curl up and sleep during the day it might be worth mentioning it early on.
All the best, I hope BruBru finds a lovely friend.

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