Just signed up today. But am confused about the categories - Pet parent, sitter and combined? What are the differences between them?

I have a dog and need someone to look after her and the house . Any help would be appreciated.

You’re a pet parent @dcandel1016 (home owner, person in need of a house and pet sitter - it’s a daft expression as humans don’t give birth to animals but anyway…that’s your category name) If you’re not planning to sit then you need the “pet parent” membership only not the combined. You create a listing with photos, info, pet details, location, sit dates etc (much like you would if you were renting out an airbnb) and then you post it on the platform and wait for sitters to apply. Once you’ve written your listing you can always post it on here for members to help make it really stand out. Best of luck & welcome to THS :raised_hands: