Catsitting in Terneuzen

I have a question. I am catsitting in Terneuzen. I was in contact with a lady all the time before I came here. But then all of a sudden, an hour before I arrived, she told me that she was getting on the plane now and she was going to give me her boyfriend’s phone number. He also received me at home. I thought that was funny too.
Since then I have only been in CONTACT with the lady’s boyfriend. But she is no longer and that makes me wonder. Do you have the data as owner only from the lady or also from the gentleman? I would be very interested in that.
Because I feel a bit uncomfortable here now and it seems a bit strange to me that I no longer have IT contact with her and only with the boyfriend.

Hi @Amilia0015 I’m tagging @Therese-MembershipService here who will be able to help and advise.

That’s a bit of an odd situation. It’s a shame that the HO didn’t explain that her boyfriend would be communicating with you during her absence.

One possible reason may be that the woman is traveling in a location with limited or expensive cell phone service. Since my husband and I have contracts with different phone companies in Switzerland, we use whichever one of our phones has the best deal for the country that we’re in and whichever one has the best reception. Since Switzerland isn’t part of the EU, calls, texts and data cost a lot as soon as we cross the border into an EU country. It’s the same situation for someone from an EU country entering Switzerland. People are frequently surprised by the charges.

I hope that you receive clarification about the situation soon.

Hi @Amilia0015 I’m sorry you are having communication issues and thank you @Vanessa-Admin for responding this is now situation for Membership Services, they will support and help with this as you are needing contact information etc.

When a member needs direct advice concerning aspects of member to member sit arrangement communication please go directly to Membership Services.

Thank you.

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@Amilia0015 @Vanessa-Admin I will be emailing you via membership services
Kind regards Therese