Changed circumstances: how does the HO and the proposed sitter cancel an agreed sit?

Hi, the HO and I ( we agreed on a sit last week), both need to cancel the sit. It’s by completely mutual agreement and with no blame or ill will attached to either of us.
Can someone please respond to this with a quick ‘How to …’?
Thank you!!

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The HO should go to their dashboard, next open the sit page, next to dates there will be an Unconfirm Sit link. Clicking on that will cancel the sit.

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I think that once the HO does that, it will appear in your dashboard as Application Pending. You then have to remove your dates in the same way.

Thank you @Petermac @BunnyCat & @Itchyfeet@LTD there is a FAQ Help Centre on the website where you’ll find the answers to most member questions