Charity Partner Pet Adoption Event - May 22nd San Diego, California

Since the start of the Pandemic fundraising, the operational lifeline of all charities, has been decimated. The tireless work of animal rescue organizations is close to our hearts, while we can’t help every charity, when an opportunity to become involved does happen and we can help, we will do our very best.

To celebrate National Rescue Day we are proud to be partnering with The Animal Pad, San Diego CA supporting the wonderful work they do rescuing and rehoming dogs throughout California and Mexico.

This COVID compliant event is happening on Saturday May 22nd and TrustedHousesitters are matching adoption fees for pets adopted on the day and the pets going to their furever homes will become honorary canine members of our pet community.

If you are in San Diego please go along and meet Larisa, Shannon & Sergio @ScrewTheAverage who would love to meet you.

For more information please don’t hesitate to ask your questions here.



How wonderful to see events like this able to happen safely again with shelters and pet rescue centres getting that support and help they so deserately need. Must say @ScrewTheAverage I’m very envious of all the potential dog love you’ll experience! Have a great day and I’m sure we will all be looking forward to seeing lots of photos :grinning::dog2::dog2::paw_prints:


We’re excited to volunteer and represent THS… but we must admit, we’re even more excited to see all of the puppies! We snuck a peak on TAP website and every dog drew on our heart strings. Hopefully we’ll get time to love on them! :paw_prints: :revolving_hearts:


Shannon and Sergio, we cannot thank you enough for volunteering your time to help TrustedHousesitters support The Animal Pad and we have to admit to being very envious of all of that puppy love you and Larisa will have, we can only imagine … have a wonderful time and thank you again, you are amazing!

PS Larisa will be posting live on IG from the event, group high paws are a must! Send plenty of pictures …

Is this afternoon event still on? Or is it just the event at the Second Chance Brewery? Tom and I will be at the Second Chance event this Saturday! @ScrewTheAverage are you going to be at the brewery? We will actually have a chance to meet in person if you are. Looking forward to seeing the pups and meeting new people! Glad we are in San Diego so we can take part.

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Hi @worldtraveler The Animal Pad Adoption Event is on Saturday from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm and Second Chance Brewery 5.00 pm until 8.00 pm … adorable dogs, a dog loving brewery, dog loving supporters and. CEO who has a goal of getting 10 dogs adopted at the event … it will be a pawsome event.

Thank you so much for volunteering your time for the evening … :dog::blush::paw_prints:

How could you resist this face?

The Animal Pad & Second Chance Brewery National Rescue Day Adoption Event Is happening tomorrow, Saturday 22nd at 11.00 am at the AP HQ

@worldtraveler We didn’t realize you both were in San Diego!

It looks like we’re volunteering at two different events… which are unfortunately in opposite sides of the county. :frowning:

We’ll DM you and see if maybe we can make our schedules align and possibly meet up :slight_smile: Have fun at Second Chance Brewery!


Sharing Is Caring: News from San Diego, California. Today we are thrilled to be part of The Animal Pad’s Rehoming Event and helping with their fundraising by matching the day’s adoption fees and sponsorships to $4,000 we’re hoping many pets get to find their furever homes and loving families today, they will also become honorary canine community members who never have to worry about going back to kennels ever again, their very own loving and caring sitter will be there when Mom & Dad need to leave. …

The sun seems to have faded the writing on the cheque :heart_eyes: :sunny:

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We had a great day! Thank you @Angela-CommunityManager for inviting us!


Hi @ScrewTheAverage and thank you for volunteering your time to help and for sharing these lovely images … a picture say a thousand words we can see you thoroughly enjoyed your puppy love time at the Animal Pad

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