Christmas sitting

Dear Angela

What do you mean by details of my listing ?

Not absolutely sure what is meant here.

Maybe bern out of UK too long !

Kind regards


Hi Marion @marjar12345 I have been trying to find your listing on the website, unfortunately it is not coming up when searching the Swiss listings.

What do you mean listing??

I have lived here for 35yrs what exactly are you looking for so I can help you find it?!

Hello! We are looking for a sitter to look after our gentle cat, Ripley, and house sit for us over Christmas. We’ve listed our dates as one day at the moment but we can be flexible if it’s easier to stay for longer! We’re based in Kent, a short walk to the Thames and the centre of town, near 3 different woodlands, and a short drive to the coast. The house is warm and will be decorated for Christmas. If you’re interested or have any questions let me know :blush:

I was contacted by an owner for a month-long sit at St-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (France). It’s too long for me.
If anyone is interested you can easily find the sit with the name of the town, it is a cute house with 2 cats and fish.
The region is very beautiful, and the winter is not very cold.
I advised them to communicate on the forum.

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Hi @marjar12345 are you a member of the TrustedHousesitters website, do you have an account with us?

Please don’t put up any personal information on this forum as it is public … there is a Direct Message option where you can send me a message directly and it wont show publicly … below is how you send a` Direct Message

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Thank you Amparo, it’d be great if it worked out next year.

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Just giving a heads up to all searching for sitters over the silly (aka christmas) season, perhaps please take note where we may be on the planet prior to sending sit invites…People must know the border situation in NZ or over in Oz (Western Australia)

I’ve received 4 this week from the northern hemisphere :thinking:. I’ve saved them in the hopes to apply for future sits.

Just a fri morning thought.

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Hello. We are looking for a sitter to look after our 2 cats and 2 dogs for these dates, or part of. We’re just outside the village of Wadhurst, East Sussex (near the Kent border and South of Tunbridge Wells). It’s a nice area. Please get in touch if you’re interested. Thank you.

Hello @rebeccamarissasmith and welcome to the forum community! We’ve moved your Christmas sit to this post where all the other sit requests have also been listed of late, so hopefully more people will see it here. All the best :slight_smile:

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I’m just a little over 3 weeks out and still looking for a sitter over Christmas. I decorated the tree and added a photo of that to the listing in hopes that it will appeal to someone.

And bonus (!!!) - I just found out that Biltmore Estate, which is stunning during the Christmas season anyway, also has the Van Gogh Alive exhibit during the stay.

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We recently joined to find cat sitters over the December holidays, and hopefully for vacations next year. I put up photos of our pets and the rooms in the house. We’ve had lots of saves, but no applications. How long does it usually take? I wonder if it may be the length (8 days) or time of year.
Is there a way to find sitters who are looking to be in our geographic area over the holidays, e.g. they’d like to visit friends or family?
Thanks for any tips!

Hi @Margaret2 welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters.

I have repositioned your post to this topic where the Christmas sits and conversation is.

I’ve also looked at your listing, it looks such a lovely opportunity for someone who would love to spend the holidays with some adorable kitty company.

What I would suggest is if you have any flexibility over New Year as you have an end date at a very busy and expensive travel time, unless you have sitter closer to home, which is where you can start search for sitters in your area and invite those who are available, you are in a lovely location.

This year is really quite different too there is so much uncertainty around travel and there is still a “wait and see” motivation for many. As sitters need a vehicle if you are able to make one available to qualified drivers that would be an additional benefit …

I’m sure you will have some encouraging help and advice from our members and we have new sitters joining all of the time, so do look at new members who are verified and referenced. There is still time and being proactive with your invites can bring added interest and possibly the right sitter.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

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I accepted a sit just before Christmas that was near where I was going anyway. So, with a little luck, it can work for both parties. It doesn’t hurt to post it and see.


Thanks for your response and suggestions! I changed the title of our posting to note that our dates are flexible, but I’m not sure if people will see that. We can’t stay away longer, unfortunately, but could come back earlier or adjust our departure date.
We are not planning to leave a car here; I’ve noted in the narrative that there is a bus stop a few minutes walk away, but also that a car is needed because the bus doesn’t run on weekends due to ongoing restricted service.

Hello everyone!
I was really exciteded about to do a sit at Chrismas, and I was aplying for some listing. But with the Covid situation again, I’m not feeling confortable to go to other country but I’m not finding a Christmas sitting in Portugal.

@Margaret2 I have not seen your listing, but I wonder why you say that a car is needed. If sitters can run their errands during the week, perhaps they’d be happy to stay home on the weekends. You run the risk that sitters will ignore your listing, if they don’t have a vehicle. I think as long as you caution in your listing that the buses don’t run on weekends, sitters can decide for themselves whether your sit is a good fit for them.


Thank you for the tip! I was worried about misleading the other way, but I prefer your version. I will change the listing and make the options clear. Thanks so much,


Hi All,
We are new to TH and were very excited to have our first sitter over for the Christmas period Unfortunately, the sitter had to cancel last minute due to personal reasons and is unable to come to Dublin.

We’re trying to find a last minute sitter for our cat Smokey We’re also open to seeing if someone can do just some of these dates and combine sitters.

We’ve reopened the listing and contacted everyone who applied previously but have had no luck as people already committed to other sits. We’re very worried that we will have to cancel the Christmas family trip we’ve originally planned outside of Ireland.

Would appreciate any help at all - if it’s possible by any way to boost our listing, we’d be very grateful!




Hi @kate_zh_dublin welcome to our community forum and I’m sorry to hear your sitter has had to cancel. I have moved your post to the Christmas Sit thread and have removed the listing links as we don’t allow listing posts on the forum except for urgent, last minute sits with a start date of 7 days from posting.

This Update regarding housesits on the forum with a full explanation was posted this week and unlike our existing members you may have missed it only just having joined.

Good luck with your listing and I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator who will connect with you when she is back online and help you with additional advice relating to boosting your listing.

We can also share on our social media channels if this is something you would like.

Angela and the Team