Christmas sitting

We have had a Christmas and New Year sitters. Not everyone is into Christmas, or come from different faiths. Or want to be near other family over Christmas for free - go for it and try it out! Lots of countries came off the UK Red List today so lots of people might be keen to get away and see family, so there might be competition for any places.

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@NatashaLV You make a very good point here that demand for flights is likely to be higher this year but possibly with less routes being serviced by airlines, so plenty of notice will possibly be more important than in pre-pandemic years. It will be interesting to see how prices are affected. Thank-you for raising this :slight_smile:


At a busy time, like Christmas, I also price flights for 1, 2, and 3 days prior. Sometimes it would make sense to arrive earlier than requested and just book accommodation. If the homeowner is told of these plans, they may even offer accommodation, depending on the circumstances.

I once did a Christmas/New Years sit in Hawaii where, after initially looking at flight prices, we chose to land earlier and take a cruise first as the reduction in flight costs paid a lot of the cost of the cruise. Bonus.


My Christmas/New Year sit in New York was cancelled this morning - sadly the 14 year old black lab died.
So I’m searching again - surprised at how many possibilities there are - hoping something comes through. I have a sit in London that ends on 16 Dec so looking to either extend in the UK or Europe or come back to the US and pick up something new here.

Hi @toml I’m so sorry to hear about a dear pet member passing away, how terribly sad for his family, could you please Direct Message me with his owner’s details, thank you.

As you say there are many wonderful Christmas sit opportunities coming to the site and it’s likely to be a “bumper” year with families wanting to reunite and travel options opening up more and more.

Early planning will benefit everyone, especially when booking travel. Demand will be high, prices will increase and availability may be reduced. Travelers should also bear in mind COVID testing compliance if it’s required by the carriers and for entry into the country of destination.

It looks like being a wonderful holiday & Christmas time for many this year.

Who has made their Christmas pet sitting plans already … not forgetting we have two Thanksgiving celebrations as well Canada :canada: on Monday the States :us: in November

I hope there is somebody who would like to get away this Christmas and new year and house sit my house Near Stratford upon Avon. From Tuesday 21st December and back 4th January.


Hi @Penelope welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining us from Stratford upon Avon, beautiful Shakespeare country, a wonderful part of the world to spend Christmas.

I’ve moved your post to this existing thread on Christmas sits where there are lots of thoughts and suggestions around Christmas listings.

Enjoy connecting with our members and please take a moment to explore the forum.

Angela and the Team

HI @Penelope I have sent you a Direct Message … when members need to connect directly with another member for a one to one conversation there is the Direct Message option.

Also looking for a sitter in the Asheville, NC area (USA) for Christmas. We are going to be about 90 minutes away from home for a week with family from Kansas and Pennsylvania. If anyone is interested, please feel free to DM. :slight_smile:

~Gina (and Mark)

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I am a new person here.
My name is Emilia, and together with my Italian partner we are looking for cat sitter for our 2 cats from 24.12-1.1.2022.

Is there anybody who would like to spend Christamas+New Year here?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Welcome @Emiliaz!
Malta is on my radar for a long time now but I am so sorry I can not assist you this time but I will go find you and give you lots of love for future reference and to see your Kitties!
I have no doubt you will find someone. I have only ever heard great things about Malta.
All the best,
PS. I see no active listing, are you posted?

Hi Amparo,
Thank you for your kind email.

I have just joined so I understand that to be able to communicate with others and post my request I need to pay 99 eur of membership fee. Correct?

Thank you again,

Yes you must be an active member to create a listing.
@Angela-CommunityManager can help guide you with the appropriate links.
The sooner you list, the sooner you will get applicants.

Hi @Emiliaz welcome to the forum and @Amparo thank you for helping. @Emiliaz I will Direct Message you, as @Amparo says you will need to be member of TrustedHousesitters to create a listing which is the very best way to find your sitter …


Hello everyone,
I desperately need a sitter for Christmas. I’m all set to see my daughter and her family and my son and his family, all together at my daughter’s home in Dubai (a rare treat to all be together at any time). I haven’t seen them for 20 months and I feel time is slipping away as the grandchildren are getting older without me.
My problem is that although I have paid the premium membership I’ve had no offers yet.
Have I wasted my money or is there some secret to getting sitters?
TIA for any advice. Sue

Good luck as this has never been an issue for me but I cannot get a sitter for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I have invited over 20 sitters myself as I only had one application and she wasn’t a suitable match for us. All those I invited have all said the same thing…visiting family or having family in for the holidays. I think the issue is because no one was able to do much last year so making up for it. We are afraid to make our airline reservations right now because of it.

Thanks Provence. My problem is also that the flights are going up in price every day and I may well not be able to afford to fly if it gets any worse.

Where do I find ‘sitters availability’ please?

Me too, I don’t want to book a flight as I can’t afford to lose the money.

Thank you, I’ll try that.