Christmas sitting

You go on “search” then “sitters” by location (town/state/country) look at the ones living where you want to, click on their profiles, then at the end of their profiles (scroll down) you’ll see their calendar. Don’t make the mistakes I made ! If it’s green they are available, white NOT

But this does not mean of course they will say yes

Me too, I don’t want to book a flight as I can’t afford to lose the money.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

@Pepper It really is unusual that you have no response yet.
As a premium member, you can boost your listing yourself. This will bring it to the top of the website again and be sent out to all the available sitters. If you go to your dashboard, Your date block on the right-hand side … and press on the Manage Dates. Press the open tab of ‘List and boost dates’.
Once you have done this, you will see a little New button on your listing. I am sure you will receive a nice response now. You can, keep boosting your listing until you find the right sitter. I hope this helps. Kind regards Therese

problem is all sitters don’t fill up their calendars so they may be free when the calendar is white, and not anymore if they changed their minds for any reason
If they are booked and confirmed via THS, then the dates are with a slash in black
I sent 35 private invitations once which were useless

Thanks Therese, I have boosted my post, hopefully, it’ll work.

Is this possible for a non premium sitter and owner ?? only middle ?

Provence, I did the same and am in the same predicament. Sitters canceling is so stressful and seems to be happening more.

@Provence @marylou Please do message me if you need me to boost your listing at any point, so I can help you.

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Yes, the sits have been on for a while. Only had one app for Thanksgiving, but she was not a match for us. Didn’t really read the profile and requirements before applying, so that always makes me nervous…if you can’t read the info on the profile, please don’t apply. We are very, very easy to sit for, but there are a couple of things that are requirements.

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This brings us back to the problem that the availability calendar is not fully working and is being reviewed by the product team. I have tried to manually input my dates when I am not available without success.

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yes please Therese. Did you receive my former private messages about my former owner and her review ??

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Yes it would help if you could boost it. Thank you.

Marylou Biasotto

Hi Pepper - I so feel for you. It’s really hard for those of us who’ve been far from family for so long. Do have a plan B just in case, but I’d expect you to start getting some applications. I think you can do a free “booster” at some point, so maybe do that around 4-6 weeks out? Or even repost to get new visibility if you are getting nothing. Have a plan B though so that you don’t need to worry so. I’ve always got sitters…once I had to post with one week to go, and got someone lovely confirmed only two days before we left!

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Hello! I am also looking for a Christmas sitter as mine had to back out due to a death in her family. Would there be anyone interested in Clarksville, TN? About an hour NW of Nashville? 1 adorable French bulldog and 2 sweet cats.

Kristel Shin

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Hello @minyul9193 and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the community. Such a shame to hear that your sitter has had a tragedy in her family but with a while to go yet it will give you plenty of time to get some more applications. I’ve had a look at your profile and it looks like you’ve just moved into a lovely new home with adorable pets. I have sent you a message as well… so do check that here on the forum.

Finger’s crossed you get lots of enquiries over the coming weeks. Let us know how things go and don’t hesitate to reach out to the community if you’ve any questions. Have a lovely weekend, Vanessa

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We are going away for about 11 days over Christmas (back before new year) and I am not sure how hard is going to be to find a sitter.
It is our first time using this website as we have got our 2 little girls at the beginning of the year but not gone anywhere abroad since.
We are going to visit my partners family in South Africa as he hasn’t seen them for quite along time.
If anyone is interested in spending Xmas at Leeds, UK please let me know.
Leeds is a very nice place with lot of things to do in the city and also in the countryside

Hi @Gema.grc welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining us from Leeds … I have to say your girls are adorable, any doggy sitter would be happy to spend time with them, thank you for sharing such fab pictures, love the pumpkin, autumn theme.

This year is different to most, there is still an air of uncertainty for some and because of that plans are getting pushed back. Some are waiting longer before commiting and it is really quite early, although I know the need to get sitters arranged as quickly as possible, the website is the best place for that, you can reach out to sitters via the find a sitter link.

I’ve moved your post to this Christmas Sitting topic, which has great tips and advice. We hope you get lots of applications over the next few weeks and please don’t hesitate to reach out to our community members if you have any questions.

Angela and the Team.

Hi Gema,
We’re doing a sit in Leeds right now (Roundhay) and I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding a sitter. Leeds is FABULOUS!!
Good luck!

I hope so!
Roundhay is lovely!
We are not far from it.
If you fancy spending Christmas around here, let me know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: