Christmas sitting

Hi Gema.grc,

I think I have Christmas booked, we’re just finalizing things.

I’m still trying to figure out how this forum works. How do I see your listing?

It’s only possible to see the listing if the HO puts up the link to it on his forum profile.
Otherwise you have to do a little detective work to find it.


Thank you! :grinning: I’m still finding my way around this forum.

My family and I live in the countryside just outside Cambridge with our 2yr old Cocker Spaniel, Smartie - and two Roborovski hamsters. Looking for a sitter just after Christmas for a week - so we’re trying THS.


Hi @SimonScott welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining and for bringing Smartie and the hamsters too. Cambs is a lovely county and there is time to find your sitters, this year being different as COVID is still affecting travel habits.

Enjoy connecting with our members and we hope you have some wonderful applications and enjoy your post Christmas travels.

Angela and the team

Last week, I had four direct messages from HOs asking me to sit fir them. However, their dates didn’t match my availability and my calendar IS up to date. So, they are either not referring to my calendar before inviting me or the calendar is not working as it should.

I think sometimes they just don’t look at the calendar. My calendar is up to date, but I’ve received invitations to sits that I’m not available for. When I decline their offer, I let them know my calendar is current if they want to invite me in the future.

Hello, all. There’s a house sit just outside of Monaco that’s been listed for 2 months for over Xmas holidays. So far over 50 people, including us, have applied. There has been no response and it seems to have been forgotten by the owners. I’m wondering if this is acceptable and can THS investigate? It’s certainly not a very nice thing to do.

Hi @AliG could you please Direct Message me the listing link and I will follow up with Membership Services, thank you for flagging.

Hi Angela. Not sure if you got my email with the info you requested. I wasn’t sure where the sit link is so I sent you the info so you could look it up.


Hi @AliG my apologies sometimes we can take it for granted that everyone knows how everything works, I’m going to Direct Message you with the information

If anyone is looking for a Christmas/New Year sit in London (UK) with a loving cat, do let me know. Unfortunately our confirmed sitter had to cancel due to family commitments.

Bonjour @Françoise-et-Youn !

Do you want to spend Christmas in Northern California by the sea? :grinning:
I need a housesitter and Kali cat would love a quiet holiday!


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Hello, I am hoping to sign up to trusted house sitters today/tomorrow, as we need a pet sitter for 12 days over christmas. However I am nervous no one will want to over that period. Is it common for people to want to pet sit over christmas? We have a lovely little house bunny who will need company while we are away. Can anyone help? Thank you


There is another thread discussing Christmas sitters. You can probably find it if you search for “Christmas” or “holidays”.


Hi @Holly - welcome to the group.

There are many full-time sitters on this site that will all be looking for sits over the Christmas period but I would advise you to add your listing soon to give you the best chance of finding a good fit. Christmas is around the corner and there are already quite a few sits advertised for that period.
You wanting someone for 12 days will be an advantage as it is nice to be in one home for the whole of the holiday period.


Hello @Holly and welcome to the forum and to soon being a member of TrustedHousesitters! You are in good company here among our community of friendly, helpful members and as @Lassie mentioned, this is the thread pretty much dedicated to all things Christmas sitting at the moment and where you’ll get better interaction and some good posts to read.

As @Colin has advised, getting your sit listed as soon as possible will give you the best chances to find sitters for your house bunny… would love to see a picture as we don’t see many bunny pix here!!

As you’ll read, Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year for house sitting and there are many reasons why people enjoy house sits at this time. Some like to experience the cultural differences of spending the holiday season in a different country, or just a different town or city closer to home! Some just like to get away from the commercialism and have a quiet time, or find a destination to be close to family or friends. Whatever the reason I think we all know that having pets as part of the seasonal festivities just adds to the experience!!

If you’ve got any questions at all, we are here to help and support, and we hope you enjoy connecting with the community!! All the best!

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…and let’s be honest, -’ Holly looking for the 12 days of Christmas’ - it has to be a good omen! :evergreen_tree:


Hello Gen
So sorry we are not available at Christmas : we have already booked 2 dog-sitting in the south of France.
But we would love to visit California one day, so please keep my contact and don’t hesitate to keep in touch.
I’m sorry for being late in answering as I have big trouble with my computer at the moment and I’m not able to visit the forum anymore (I’m sad about it as I really enjoyed exchanging with people on the forum ! We tried to sort it out with the THS team but it seems to be linked to my device !)
Thanks again for your lovely invitation and wish you all the best to find a nice dog-sitter for Kali the cat !


My experience as a homeowner and a house sitter is that holiday sits are in demand for popular places especially warm places. If you live in kind of an ordinary run-of-the-mill place you may not get many applicants. I live in Delaware in the United States. it’s not a popular tourist destination and the weather is cold in December. I am more likely to get applicants in the spring summer and fall. It’s a tough sell over the holidays.