Christmas sitting

So I very unexpectedly decided to apply for a Christmas/New Year holiday sit. Decided that a white Christmas might be just what is needed to get back into being comfortable in some chillier temps. The bonus will be that family are near by, and I actually love downtown Chicago during the holiday. The beauty of applying for a sit, and being confirmed in less than 24 hrs, was amazing. Time to find my snow boots!!! :snowflake: :snowman:


YES! Dive in!

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Thank you—who knew that in a days time, I’d be booking two sits :grinning:


It’s magic in action. Hear those bells? :dancer: :musical_note:

More coming!


Or how about Christmas in Basel, Switzerland? I just listed my dates! :wink:

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Thank you for your message.
I am very sorry but we are not available at Christmas : we have already booked 2 dog-sitting in the south of France.
But we would love to visit Bâle one day, so please keep my contact and don’t hesitate to keep in touch.
I’m sorry for being late in answering as I have big trouble with my computer at the moment and I’m not able to visit the forum anymore (I’m sad about it as I really enjoyed exchanging with people on the forum ! We tried to sort it out with the THS team but it seems to be linked to my device : it is time to invest in a new computer !)
Thanks again for your lovely invitation and wish you all the best to find a nice dog-sitter for your lovely cats !

Hi There,
I need someone, some nice pet sitter for my 2 cats in Malta, 23.12-1.1. Would you be interested? :slight_smile:

Normally I would say yes, but I’ve accepted a sit already for those dates in Switzerland. I’m sure you’ll find someone great and I’d love to be considered next time.

If only I wasn’t already Austria-bound!

Hi @Pepper,
As a HS I can only say, it depends where the sitters want to be at Christmas.
Our family is looking for southern Europe even though I have family in the UK and can see many sits up for the Christmas & NY time.
I have often wondered if people have a backup plan if they can’t find a HS on this platform.
Good Luck

Every year, we hope to find sits, during both Christmas (and US Thanksgiving), close to where our families live. They are a 2 hour drive from us and we always spend these holidays together. Staying close by to them allows for a more relaxing and extended visit for us all.


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Still looking for a sitter. Our listing has been up for almost 2 months, so I hope it doesn’t come down to the wire. Getting a little nervous. :crazy_face:

HI @mattersfact2 have you been proactively reaching out to sitters and used the “boost your listing” option? I’m going to Direct Message you also.

Your recent sitter gave some lovely feedback …

“It was a pleasure taking care of Boodah and Bandit. They were very well behaved and they spent most of the day relaxing with me in the living room. Bandit may be older, but he has a lot of personality and really enjoys going for a walk” I would definitely recommend this sit!"

I will message you.

Are you sorted now? Where/when is your sit?

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@Cheri - if you click on @mattersfact2’s name in the forum, you’ll see a link to the listing.

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If you cancel the isting and repost, It will show as one of the first sits in a search again.

It’s a sweet sit and a wonderful part of the country.
Someone will step up.

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We’re having trouble finding a sitter from 18th-26th December and we think French residents may be the best bet because Covid travel rules may change. Are we being too cautious?

Hi @Chris1, and welcome to the forum, where I hope you’ll get great response to your question. I won’t address whether it should be someone from France, but would just say to rephrase it to be someone currently in France, if that’s the case, as many sitters may be in the country but not a resident. However, given you said you are having trouble finding a sitter, I will give you some feedback that will hopefully help.

In viewing your listing, you have feedback from one sitter. That sitter says they enjoyed sharing the home with your son. That is against THS rules, and would be a red flag for me. The son may not be there this time, but it would certainly be a concern for me.

Also you say a car is needed. Many sitters on the forum have explained how resourceful they are, without having a vehicle. You say you are in a village with various amenities, so some may feel that, for just a week, they would happily cocoon there. I would suggest that, if you still feel a vehicle is essential, that you expand your listing to explain why.