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One of my favourites is when the main clue given is “we live in a leafy suburb of [city]…” one person’s up-market suburb with tree lined avenues is another person’s swamp. The way some listings talk around their actually location does make it seem that it’s very deliberate and they either don’t want or have been told not to identify their neighbourhood or suburb or they assume (like HOs often do with contact phone numbers etc) that the sitter can already see some of that information anyway or will automatically receive that information during the process.

but during the process means you have to ask and be one of their 5 ppl but not applying but just finding out where they are. it’s so frustrating. why tell me how many beds you have and that you have air con but give me no idea where you are. “house in melbourne” that’s like house in france :woman_shrugging:. you could be anywhere.

Thanks @Carla :smiley:

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Yes I really appreciate it when sitters do that in the review. Really helpful. I also agree it’s frustrating not to know the exact neighbourhood, especially when you know the city you’re applying in.

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If the location is not clear from the listing we will apply saying “before we submit a proper application please can you tell us which area of xx are you located as it’s not stated in your listing” ?

If the response is an area that is not suitable for us we withdraw our application with a brief reply “thank you for the information, this isn’t the location we are looking for this time “ That opens it up for them to receive another application.

By doing this we have found a sit that was in exactly the area we wanted and subsequently house sat 3 times for them . We have also withdrawn our application from other sits when we found out that the location wasn’t what we were looking for at the time .

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I have the same issue - I wonder why THS doesn’t require a zip/postal code - that way the home is not disclosing exact address but gives sitters a better idea of location so we all don’t waste each other’s time. So obvious to me that this would benefit everyone by requiring that info and sharing the code in the listing. “Los Angeles”, as an example - is 502 sq miles / 807 sq km so just saying Los Angeles is way too vague.

totally!! It’s ridiculous how far out the locations are from the searched area.

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Hi thanks for the reply. I’m so over it! I’ve had Melbourne on alert post for about three months and I leave today and no accommodation. All day I’m having alerts and have to check, just in case.

I’m fed up with houseowners telling me about their bathrooms etc and I’ve no idea where they live. How anyone applying let alone randoms, can work out where they are is ridiculous! In all that time someone could have been pondering on a sit and knowing I was looking, could have reached out to me.

Same with Singapore, I’m hoping to go this year to celebrate a special birthday, and so far not a sit for even the month I’m planning to go and there’s nothing I can do about it. Plus I’m seeking something specific as in I don’t like heights so not after a high rise condo but I can’t reach out in the same way a HO does in being specific that they want their dog fed three times a day and walked 5! I also can’t take advantage of cheap airfares in advance because I’m waiting on the HO to post.

Considering we are all paying a fee, it seems all one sided. As I said before, the HO goes off carefree on a holiday and a lot of them these days don’t even want you to leave the house to stay with their dog! I’m only sitting in Australia so can’t speak for the rest of the world,

I pay to use this site too, and frankly I’m becoming more and more disappointed at HOs firstly who demand so much of their sitter, and aren’t we there only for pet sitting, but expected to do more also in some sits, so much more and then There’s virtually no time out to explore the new place.

Yea, I’m over it all now. So disappointed I’m leaving today with no accommodation and the reality I’ve not been able to have a hand in attaining it even. Thank you for allowing me to whinge :wink::joy::sweat_smile:. I think I feel frustrated by the whole process :crazy_face:

@bubble once you arrive in Melbourne, do join the two Aussie housesitting sites. They have dozens and dozens more listings than THS and are much cheaper. Good luck!

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thank you so much. have woken up half an hour ago and read your msg. looked on the site and there are two sits! amazing. thank you

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I’ve learned to ask the PP to clarify the location during the video chat. Including proximity to public transportation, grocery, chemist etc. I don’t drive so it’s important that most amenities and public transportation are within walking distance (10-15 minutes) from the home. I’ve had sits in London and Australia that led me to believe their home was more central to the CBD all to find out the bus stop was a 30 minute walk from the home in Australia and in London the home was no where near Central London. I also read the home and location section of the listing before applying some PP will mention their neighborhood which gives me an opportunity to research the area before applying.

I pass all sits that mention a major city, but don’t specify which part. That’s because if it’s central, they’ll typically say so. If it’s murky or missing such info, they’re often trying to stretch or misrepresent proximity when it’s not actually that convenient.