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Really? I have never encountered that. Doing the dishes, that was about it.

Do any AirBnb’s really instruct the guests to wash the sheets? To do the vacuuming?


@Simonetta55 look for sitters with 5 or more THS reviews not just character references along the way.
Reviews post late Fall 2023 went blind and should be more factual/honest.


Apparently, not long enough.
Cleaning charges are relatively new. There used to be none “before”.

All I stayed in. 100? 150?


Good sitters will leave your home as clean and tidy as they find it @Simonetta55 - make sure you leave cleaning supplies & any helpful instructions in your welcome guide. It’s not a “service” you’re getting though, it’s free pet care in return for free accommodation. A mutual barter or exchange & the best owner sitter relationships are the well balanced ones with open, clear comms on both sides. Upscale homes are nice but it’s the welcome & hospitality that often makes for the best sits #itsgoodtotalk


I am a very clean, neat and organized person. I always leave any area that we use, the way it was when we entered.

Aside the fact, that a cleaning person will enter upon our departure, it is just common courtesy to clean where you have stayed.

Not sure why this is an issue, I am very concerned that my house could be left in a bad state.

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I would like to thank everyone for their response. I do agree with the above that sheets do not need to be washed.

@Simonetta55, if you chose your sitter well, it shouldn’t happen. More often that not when I arrive home, I can barely tell there’s been someone in the house. Sometimes it looks like the cleaners just left.


@Lokstar - you are right that us sitters can get anything with a sit. I’ve had to deal with a fitting cat a number of times during my sit and taking said cat to the vets numerous times as well as doing my remote work.
I’ve also done 2 amazing sits in super luxury properties with easy animals where the home owners have left me food and drink for my stay.


We are sitting for free. And the pet parent is getting pet and property care for free as well. It’s a mutual thing!
Some pet parents can be very demanding, that’s why we do video calls and ask lots of questions before we accept the sit. But then again I’m sure sitters can be demanding as well! It’s all about finding a good match so communication is a must. If a request is too much walk away. Like everything else in life no one gets on with everyone. Watch out for red flags and heed them.
There has never been us and them in our 100 plus sits. Only happy contended pets, sitters and pet parents.


@Simonetta55 its all about choosing your sitters well. Study their profile and reviews carefully. Choose experienced sitters with great reviews and where cleaning is especially mentioned. Build a good connection with the sitters you choose and express your strong desire for your home to be returned to you as presented. Make sure to provide all necessary cleaning equipment and any special instructions.
Make sure you leave for your trip feeling 100% confident that your sitters tick all your boxes so you can relax and trust that all will be well on all levels.
I can assure you that if you were to chose US you would have absolutely no worries!
And the same applies to many loyal and committed sitters on this site.

Don’t compare THS with Airbnb! They are so different! We are frequent airbnb users -inbetween housesits. We have rarely been specifically requested to clean (or pay a fee instead) but we always leave things as nice as possible. It just feels respectful. The difference for us is that with airbnb we don’t usually strip the beds or feel we should deep clean the bathroom. I leave it in good order but I am paying for a service and do not believe I am expected to do all the work to prepare for the next paying guest!!
On the contrary, when on a sit, we DO always strip the beds and, if time, wash & dry the bedding. We ALWAYS clean to the highest standard (sometimes leaving the home cleaner than we found it) We always care about how we leave any place we stay but with a sit we care MORE. We simply have more invested in it.


I do both and I’m not sure I agree about who gets the “better” deal. Some of this is skewed by the fact that I have cats and mostly cat sit. Many cat sits are really easy and even the more complicated ones are similar to what I do every day at home. I would be paying a sitter if I didn’t have THS, but I’d probably travel less and would be using a neighbor for drop ins, so there wouldn’t be a boarding cost. But even dogowners might have a friend or relative they could board the dog with so the comparison with boarding costs might not be accurate. I also live in a city where accomodations are expensive and most Airbnbs were recently banned, so sitters – especially those who needed to visit – have been very happy to have the free accomodations during their stay.

I’m just back from a short sit that was indeed a mini-vacation for myself and spouse, but also one we wouldn’t have done had free accomodation not been on the table and I really enjoyed the cat.


Bold. Italicized. Underline.


So you are saving effectively money as a HO using THS, wheras it appears that sitters only incur costs

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Sitters don’t only incur costs. We receive lodging. Depending on the home and location, we’re saving possibly thousands of dollars a week. The home I’m sitting in this weekend sold for nearly $1M last year. In return for managing three cats, including one who needs twice-daily insulin shots. In a town I can drive to and have friends. Pretty sweet gig, really.


Everyone incurs costs to go on holiday .

Sometimes I pay for a package holiday and sometimes I house-sit if there’s a sit available in an area that I want to visit . I won’t apply or accept a sit that is in an area that I don’t want to travel to .

As a sitter when I choose to house-sit I pay only my transport costs to my destination and don’t have to pay for accommodation for my holiday. This means I get the opportunity to travel more often .


The key thing with bartering is, both sides should get enough value so they consider the deal worth making.

Things go awry when one or both parties don’t live up to their end and/or mislead about what they’re offering.


Very surprised you repeatedly use the term ‘holiday’ for housesitting.
I’ve never had a holiday with duties, responsibilities and roles :grinning:

Then again, we all use different terms for different things, its no big deal.
Have a great day.


Big swanky homes don’t interest me, I’m more interested in the people and pets, but each to their own.


The pets seem very cool, the owners’ expectations reasonable, and the home clean, comfortable, and uncluttered. Those are the minimum standards for me. The fact there’s a hot tub on a deck with a view of the surrounding nature preserve is just a bonus. I’ve done sits in walk-up studio apartments that were just as appealing to me.


Sounds perfect for you. Enjoy

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