Community Shoutout - Our favourite moments from July

So many of you have joined in with conversations and helped to grow this forum into a friendly, helpful space for all to enjoy and benefit from, so a big heartfelt thank-you to everyone!

We thought it would also be nice to share some of our favourite moments from July.

Topic of the month

When @Andrew joined TrustedHousesitters and began applying for sits, he sadly saw little success. But, with the help of the forum, who were quick to jump in with lots of helpful tips and suggestions, he walked away with not just one housesit confirmed… but two!

Category of the month - Introduce Yourself

You really are an international bunch who have loved reading each other’s hellos from around the world. This category is a great place to say “hi” if you are new… why not head over there now!

Contributor of the month

We value and appreciate all our forum members, but for July we’d like to say thank-you to @Kelownagurl. She’s been participating across a number of topics and categories, providing her own interesting take with insightful comments.

Photo of the month

A hard one to pick, but ultimately it was this shot that took top spot. It was shared by @ElsieDownie in What’s the weirdest sleeping position you’ve captured a pet in?

A dog laying with its body across a footstool and its head resting on the sofa cushion

What other interesting discussions have the community been having?

When leaving a sit, do you leave a gift etc?

Discussing drawer/closet space

Seeking tips as first time users of the site

And finally…

Huge thanks to you all for being part of our amazing community! We appreciate each and every one of you!

Angela, Vanessa and all the team!