Concerns about getting sitters in Spain while travelling to a family reunion in Australia

Because of the dreaded PCR tests we are looking for a sitter who already lives in Spain. We are travelling to Australia in April. The first date/flights are booked. We have been waiting since September to get permission to visit our new baby granddaughter and daughter who my husband hasn’t seen for 4.5 years and I 2.5 years. (Oh and the son in law)

I know this isn’t an urgent request for a sitter but I’m so anxious about covid and arrangements for our upcoming reunion.

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Hi @MichelleK and both congratulations for finally being able to travel to Australia to see your new grand daughter - I can’t imagine the relief at being able to arrange your family reunion - but also to sympathize with your worries over tests.

We’ve just returned to the UK from France for a sit (we have residency so can move freely across borders even if compelling reason needed any time which helps) but even on arrival yesterday, we had an anxious wait after the handover while we waited for our h/o test results from the airport. All good as I think reassuringly they are in most cases :slight_smile:

With the continual easing of restrictions we are seeing at the moment, this will get easier over the coming months I’m sure :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Looking for somebody who is already in Spain will make one part of your puzzle easier, and I’m sure you’ll find someone to help. We do ask that only last minute sits are posted in the forum, so I have removed your dates so that this is a more general post :slight_smile: But one thing you can do is to embed the link to your listing in your forum profile - you’ll find the instructions here:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

This will enable members in the forum to find you.

My only other advice would be to check over your listing to make sure it has as much information as possible for people viewing it and perhaps add a few internal photos, just so that applicants can see where they will be living, cooking, sleeping etc. Having lived in Spain I know that the outside space is just as, if not more important (especially during the warm/hot months), but it’s an often mentioned point here on the forum that people do like to see the inside too :slight_smile:

We’ll all be excited to see a reunion picture in April, but if there’s anything else we can help with inbetween, don’t hesitate to ask.

All the best
Vanessa and the forum team

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I think you living in Spain makes your finding a sitter very easy as travel to Spain from Europe is relatively easy and seems to be getting easier by the day.
We came to Spain from the UK in November to do a house-sit, The whole travel process was very easy- just our locator form and proof of vaccination needed - We intend to go back to the UK in a few weeks time - since we arrived the whole process to travel back to the UK seems to now be even easier.


We too recently traveled to Spain, spending 8 weeks, including a 4 week sit in Madrid. We flew Toronto-London-Barcelona and returned Madrid-London-Toronto. Like Colin, the requirements for transiting through the UK changed during our time in Spain, so we simply adapted.

Now, for someone who has not traveled recently, especially internationally, I would suspect the process may be somewhat challenging. For us, having experienced traveling during these new, constantly changing times, we were aware of what was needed and kept on top of changing requirements and had absolutely no issues.

May be a question you want to ask of potential sitters. We make note of our international travel experience in our profile and our application when applying for international sits.

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I live in Madrid, just found this program through my sister in law in the States! I am really excited. Getting my account set up. Where are you in Spain?


Welcome @MaryMadridSpainAnimalLove - we are glad you have found both Trustedhousesitters and the forum, and are glad to hear you are excited to get started… in Spain! If you need any help at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to the community here - they are a very helpful group of members :slight_smile:

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Hi Mary we are in a little town called Muro de Alcoy in the Sierra Mariola. We live in the campo. We are looking for a sitter for nearly all of April
Would you be interested
Thanks Michelle

Thank you!!!:))

Sounds amazing. The only issue is I have two kitties who I don’t love leaving for too long. It certainly looks lovely.

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