Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post

Thanks @ziggy , good to hear it’s not just me who has the impression that the (im)balance between UK and rest-of-Europe sits listed on the site has become yet more extreme since the 5 application rule was introduced, which on average makes the ‘scarce’ non-UK sits disappear from the listings even faster.

Yes I can imagine that when you live outside Europe it has become near-impossible to apply for Europe sits due to the time difference. I do live in Europe though, and I equally struggle to find non-UK sits these days - roughly since September’22 I’ve had a lot of difficulties securing sits. I’ve only done 3 sits since, 2 of which were in the UK. The 3rd one (non-UK) was a lucky strike. Normally I would have done more sits by now though in that same time period.

Nonetheless, this is not a thread about the 5 rule - that already exists (although it’s closed), but it did make me realize that the rule contributes to an even greater imbalance in listed UK vs non-UK sits at a given time, as the latter have on average a shorter ‘turaround’ time before they switch to reviewing status