Confirmed sits with little info about pet owners

Not enough information is being received about the sit prior to being confirmed. I had a number of questions about the pet and would have preferred to have all the answers before confirmed. As a sitter, I have very little info on the owner except for previous reviews. The sit is in a nice neighbourhood but that does not mean the owners are full of grace and charm. How does a sitter know that they are not dealing with a family who have criminal record or
have hidden cameras watching you get undressed? An awful thought yes! But we are living in a uncertain world!

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I wouldn’t confirm the sit (from sitter end) until I was comfortable. The HO confirming doesn’t mean you have to…

@Willexcell I’d be giving this sit a miss as you sound very concerned about it as I would be. Plenty of other sits about that provide the information we sitters are wanting.


Hi @Willexcell
As @Myhnabird and @temba say , don’t go ahead unless you are comfortable.
I am in a similar position where I applied for a sitting and received a “You have been chosen” notification together with a personal message saying that I should confirm and then we could have a phone conversation. I replied to say that I would not confirm until I had the phone conversation, supplying my mobile phone number. I am still waiting…
Funnily enough the HO has great reviews including communication.
If you are not happy, send a message of explanation and withdraw your application


Thank you Itchyfeet. Good to know for the future. We live and learn

Agree Myhnabird, I think the site needs to allow us more flexibility and perhaps have a set number of responsible pet questions and safety questions that need to be answered first before asking to confirm a sit and it would be better if we all spoke with one voice so there is a gold standard for conducting business.

Thank you Temba,
I think you have a point

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I had a similar experience. In that case, I think some HOs don’t know how it works. In any case, if I recall correctly, our subsequent, brief exchanges made it a no go for me.

Hi @Willexcell , as @Itchyfeet says, when this has happened to me, I thank the HO and tell them I have a few questions and would like to talk by phone or video chat before I confirm. The HO have always been agreeable.

An exception is a short local sit I accepted yesterday. It’s a beautiful home with a dog breed I adore, and two of their previous sits were done by a friend of mine who recommends them. I confirmed before chatting with the HO and will talk with them sometime before the sit.


Thank you Mars. You can tell a lot by how someone addresses you and how often “please” and “thank you” are used together with how well mannered their dog is and if barking is an acceptible way for a dog to demand what they want in an apartment. i would not want to be a neighbour listening to all that.