Confused about protocols for applying for sits

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Several days ago I applied for a sit for Nov 5-7. I was in the 0-3 applicants group. Not only have I not heard back, but they haven’t bothered to read my message. The sit is for next week, so it would be nice to have some idea of what they’re thinking. In the meantime, I keep looking to see what else is available or it will be an Airbnb that weekend.

And, yes, if there is a certain area I want to house-sit at, I apply for all the sits I like and see what comes through.


Hello Angela
And thank you for your prompt reply and to move my query to a more relevant thread.
I’ve noted all you’ve written and am up todate with everything on my profile and looking forward to my second sit as I type! The first sit I’m undergoing at present and it’s just perfect.
Thank you again for your assistance.
Yours sincerely


Congratulations @viv you are obviously doing “things” right … we look forward to sharing in your exciting THS journey … where are you sitting now and where are you going next?

England SE … not sure where next; dependent upon whether I’m “chosen” by the sits I’ve applied for!

Hey Rebecca!

Sometimes even I as a HO post dates and then get surprised the next morning that so many people want to sit my monsters. Be aware of the fact that HOs know that you will see whether they have read your inquiry, and they might shy away from doing that so they don’t feel pressured to respond right away.

Having said that, when you post a sit for a few days in the future, you as a HO have a responsibility to get back to people on short notice - they applied on very short notice and still have to make travel arrangements. So - this is truly bad behavior, and they should be chastised for it.

I wish you luck for that sit, it’s still a few days.

crossing da fingers

@elmi4711 Thanks for your point of view. If I was a HO (which I’m not), I wouldn’t wait too long to book a sitter.

Sometimes I wonder if HOs realize that they’re not the only ones making arrangements. I have to book flights, arrange transportation, book Airbnbs. I can’t do that at the last minute.

And honestly, while it would be nice to have that sit, it’s becoming difficult to feel enthusiastic when the host isn’t.

Yeah, @Rebecca_R - you know… I’m the only HO I know… oh, no, my ex also… ok, I’m the only one I can speak for.

And while I try to be upfront, communicative and - I’m german, I get anxious if the plan’s not watertight - lock things in as quickly as I can, and I try to make sure the sitter is not bothered and can plan their stuff too (some need sitters, you know?), I believe not everybody is that way, just like not everybody in general is super self-secure, antsy, a nice person, or empathetic, or interested in the wellbeing of others.

I’ve read very positive stories in the forums here and I’m happy about that, but I have also read some where I had to shake my head and say “what were those people thinking?”

In the end, both “sides” need to make arrangements, book things, get their act together, coordinate, juggle a hundred things for such a trip, and in their heart, I believe everyone knows that, too.

I personally always try to provide some flexibility in the dates… which essentially means I lock - german style - my travel plans down, then add buffer days and then post that. Since I insist on getting to know the sitters anyway, and have always enjoyed staying at least a half day with them - often more -, that’s a no-brainer for me. Some people seem to exchange hellos and keys in the doorway which would creep me out…

Just my view of the world, of course.

Also, @Rebecca_R - go for a different sit. I wouldn’t wait too long for a short-notice one. They haven’t responded a week before the sit, you shouldn’t care more about that than them.



@elmi4711 I applied for that sit because I was going to be in the area anyway, so it was just going to be added on. If I don’t get it it’s not a big deal. There’s not really any others to apply for.

It’s good to be on the forum and get views from both sides.

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It can’t hurt at this point to leave another message for the homeowner asking if the sit is still available and re-confirming your interest. They may have filled it already, made other plans and just not taken it down, or just busy with other things and not trying to be rude. I had that happen once because the owner was not used to using the site and a bit technology impaired. They apologized and I was chosen for a future sit. Good luck!

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@Southernsitter This morning I got an automated notice that they cancelled the dates. It’s fine, it was a short sit and I was only trying to fill in dates. You’re right, it could have been any number of things. But, a quick note saying “thank you for your interest” is appreciated.


Hi, I am a sitter making applications for Christmas, and I am just wondering how come owners are sooo dithery and slow in showing interest! So you see it works both ways. They seem to have endless excuses when they do eventually reply, whilst I am actually waiting to book flights before they get too expensive! Don’t they kind f realise we need to plan our trips?
I have tried mentioning this but most of the messages, ( even for sits with next to no applications) go unread for days.
I don’t get it.
I have a specific place in mind so I can’t just fire off lots of applications as there are hardly any sits there. It really is like watching paint dry…
What is your experience?
Best, (Newbie) Anneliese