Considering leaving THS

That sounds as if your giant dog should not be on THS according to T&Cs 5.2.11:

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@Debandbee From what you stated, you shouldn’t be utilizing unpaid dog sitters. If your dogs have shown violent behavior (your words) and take special skills, that’s the job of someone with training skills. What is the equitable exchange for the sitter/guest?

I think we’re off topic with some comments!

why? they’re not wolf dogs and they haven’t attacked anyone or anything. why would you say that? he didn’t like a couple of men who were not nice people. he didn’t attack them

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They have great reviews and many repeat sitters, so it seems to work. I think being open about their requirements and knowing what kind of sitters they need is the key here.

Thank you @temba for helping keep this topic on track :slight_smile:

The topic has started to move away from the original OP’s post. I never want to shut new discussions down, so feel free to start off-topic discussions on a new thread. Thank you.

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I finally applied for my first sit, have been checking status regularly. Checked just now and my application status disappeared so I guess she dropped me. Now shows 3 applicants.

I joined because I love to travel, and adore dogs. Maybe HOs need to realize that for a Canadian to fly to UK it costs upwards of $1200 RT off season, summer is much higher. So yes, saving on accommodation is a big draw. Security is another. When walking along a street as a single girl isn’t always safe. But when you have a dog by your side people are more likely to smile, say hello, and stop and chat.

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You could’ve been declined for any number of reasons. You should be able see what happened in your inbox. Chances are the host declined you because you have no site experience and it’s a long way to go.

I received zero communication. Went to the listing and the banner ‘apply for this sit’ is active and my application status disappeared. Now she’s down to three.

A previous sitter gave a glowing review and HO responded " yy & tt (dog) loved your sit! He wants you back in May! (We’ll send you the dates."

It’s possible HO went with someone she already knows. Is it possible for an HO to directly contact sitters to determine their availability BEFORE posting a sit? Would reduce the anxiety of ‘was I picked?’ and wasting time checking.

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If a sitter has sat for someone previously of course the petparent has contact info and can contact previous sitters to see if they are interested. Petparents can also look for random sitters and/or sitters who favorited their listings and invite them to apply for a sit. This is extremely inefficient as it’s unlikely the people you randomly ask will be available or interested on your dates. Usually, I check with some previous sitters before posting a new sit. It’s rare that the dates align. Publicly posting dates and looking for the best fit out of those who apply is the most efficient way for pet parents. For sitters, favoriting homes and waiting for invitations won’t work at all. You should check for new listings and appy for dates you’re available. It’s fine to apply to many dates at once including overlapping dates. The chances of being “the chosen one” twice are slim if you are starting out, and if it does happen it is your choice.

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Isn’t being named Karen a hint that you were born before 1980? :smile_cat:

Ha, ha. Yes, it should be a good hint.

Maybe she didn’t like my name because of all the annoying memes and negative use of my name. Wish that trend would end anytime soon, if someone is acting like an ass just call them that perhaps??!!

If you have been declined there will be a notification in your inbox “application declined “ with the dates of the sit.
There may also be a message from the HO , but that’s optional .

I’m sorry you’ve had some less than stellar petsitters. As another person said, you are probably looking for a sitter like me. We are still out here, looking for interesting sits in new places with loving pets.

I know THS is committed to their new 5 person rule, but I honestly feel that has resulted in unanticipated consequences on their site. It’s attracting more people who lack homes of their own so rather than looking for a fun adventure with pets, they are literally looking for a place to lay their heads and to work. That isn’t necessarily an Issue, but it can breed despair if things don’t go as planned.

People who are older, like me, aren’t up in the middle of the night to see who posts in Europe, and we aren’t going to answer “hi” just to be one of the first five. I think it’s causing a shift in who participates.

Hopefully THS will realize that the 5 person strategy was an experiment that failed to address what they were trying to fix and that they have “heard” loud and clear that all marketing must promote that the desire to watch other people’s pets, comes first.


I’m older and I do this for very popular locations. I follow up with a thoughtful message, but my first one is very brief.

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Like I already stated…NO communication. Nothing in my THS inbox or the email attached to my account. No problem, hopefully I’ll have better luck next time.

Hope you didn’t get in trouble for trying to guess my age. I was flagged for an age comment. But not for using the word a$$, hmmmm.

I am not offended so don’t stress if you were flagged.

A quick reminder. There are many awesome, experienced responsible sitters on THS who happen to be young. They are reading your posts, so please try to keep your comments balanced and non-judgmental.
Thank you!


That’s good. Accept my apologies. I certainly stand corrected as I don’t represent everyone who is older.

I was a finalist for a sit in Portugal and I asked the home owners why they selected my profile and they said it was because of what I’d written and that I didn’t just say “hi” or “pick me”. I found it rather shocking that anyone would respond to a sit that way (call me old school) but they said it was fairly common when they have posted for a sitter in the past couple of years.


Take Care,


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