Considering leaving THS

This must be an error in the system as there is an automatic message that gets sent by the system if the Homeowner selected someone else or cancels the listing.

If there’s nothing in your inbox and you haven’t received an e-mail from THS then this is a system error.

You can contact member services


I am 62 and this is exactly what I do - It seems to work well too!

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Good for you. I stand corrected again and will only speak for myself. I guess I’ll just have to count on some European sitters staying up all night posting, so I may see the posts at a reasonable time


I agree with everything you say. We have had lovely younger people as well as older. However we prefer more mature sitters. Since Covid it’s been difficult to have applications from mature people.

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You mean hosts, right?

The Spanish might just do it. They typically have dinner after 9 p.m. or later :wink:
I am in Europe right now, looking for European sits, and have noticed that the majority of sits, especially in Germanic countries, are published in the evening (after work?). However, the most popular publishing days/times seem to be Sunday evenings - US breakfast/lunchtime - when new sits pop up every few minutes


Yes, hosts. Thanks for your input. I’ve saved some profiles in Spain but haven’t noticed that pattern. I’ll go back in and save some more as that’s an area I’d like to visit and it’s where my Grandmother on my mom’s side was born.

I’m disappointed to hear this but it helps to know what perceptions exist. Trust me when I say that there are plenty of “not so young” people who have stellar reputations and will take care of your pets and home - as if they were their own. Good luck to you! I hope you find someone like me! (Not being boastful but I know there are many like me out there)


If you’re applying for your first sit on THS, don’t try too far from home. You’re much more likely to build up your first references with sits that are not too far from where you are, maybe even some local sits, as HOs are more willing to take a chance on you, than for a cross-continental sit.

Someone in the UK is very unlikely to choose a first time sitter based in Canada as their preferred sitter with so much competition out there.

Hi Liz,
I am a house-sitter nearing my 50s, and I travel with my partner who is 51, and our 19 y/o daugther, so I can assure you there are still older people on this site, who want to enjoy the company of pets and new locations as we travel. We finished last year almost half a year in the UK, and immensely enjoyed the variety of sits that we could find there, from very luxurious homes, to more modest ones, to two bedroom sits in the city where our daughter slept on a sofa. And we like them all. I’m saying that just to say that don’t discourage. There are many sitters competing for each sit, and I am sure you can find the right match of people who would put your pets as their top priority, while still enjoy staying at your house and your beautiful area.
From the sitters point of view, there is a lot of effort into finding the right sits for us, so I guess its a lot of work for the owners as well, but I think it is worth it - just the same as job hunting or dating, you would like to make sure the shoe fits before committing to such an important exchange, for both sides.
I hope you will have better experiences with your next sitters.



Many thanks Adi for your lovely message. Very much appreciated. Good luck with your future sits too. Best wishes Liz

@Gwenvilla , same sort of scenario played out over on TripAdvisor. Monetisation of a platform instantly send sit from being user-centric to balance-sheet driven. For us, we have to spend a bit more time on filtering though house sitters before we say yes; I suspect that’s going to be even more necessary in future.

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Radarinc, Welcome to the U.S. Unfortunately the U.S. isn’t anything like Europe. The fact that this sit could even be reached by a train makes it an anomally, at any price.
My wife and I did 2+ months of full time sitting in the UK in 2022. It was wonderful. Being able to take a train to pretty much anywhere in an afternoon was amazing.


hi @Gwenvilla I’m sorry you’ve had terrible experiences lately.
I do understand where you’re coming from and agree with others to not be afraid of being more selective. I’ve had to do that in the past year after a really bad experience I had.

I do feel like some people have used our home as a cheap airbnb, but for the most part, I think I’ve still managed to find good people who care about the well being of my dog. Some have been better than others but everyone is different and not everyone has the same agenda. It’s always important to be honest and ask that the people who apply also be honest and read your profile entirely. For me it’s always a good sign when someone sends me a message that shows me they have reviewed our entire profile and tell me why they want to visit Chicago.

I also agree with some of the posts here about looking for sitters that have favorited your listing. I found my last sitter that way - given that it was in the middle of winter it was going to be a tough time for me to find someone but I did! My last sitter was just wonderful and I invited her instead of accepting applications.

Your expectations are reasonable and hope that you can still find sitters that are better suited for your home and pets.


Thank you for your message Wendy. You make a lot of sense and have understood my original post which sadly some did not. I will give a lot of thought about my next steps. Liz


Hello @Gwenvilla, if it helps, if you use type the “@” symbol, members names appear and you can choose the member and tag them in the post so that they know you mentioned them like @wendy_chicago.

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Still nothing in my THS inbox. Did finally get an email to my inbox, several days later. Seems there is a lengthy delay. No problem, as I’ve figured out how to check status on my own, much faster than waiting for the system to power up the hamsters.

I did find out later that she went with a ‘more mature looking couple’. So the debate about age is in fact a thing. I responded letting her know that I am 55, and am often told I have a very young looking face. Now considering mentioning my age in my bio but fear it may be flagged by the admins.

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Age already shows on profiles - above occupation. At least it does in the app…


Yup shows on web page. There is also a filter on the app allowing hosts to filter sitters by age.


We’re an older couple and only recently joined THS following the loss of my beloved house cat. I didn’t feel I could go through that loss again but still wanted contact with animals - THS was a fantastic opportunity to still care for animals. I’ve also met a few new sitters on the forum in very similar situations. I feel there are still a lot of people on here who understand the spirit of THS but acknowledge you’ll always get a small minority. That also applies to HOs as well as sitters - many not appreciating the hosting side of THS & being welcoming & respectful to sitters.