Contact etiquette after a sit

Hi everyone. Most often I leave the sit before HOs arrive home. I always leave a little something for them…a basket of fruit, a bottle of wine, a candle. I make sure I replenish any food item I may have used and I always endeavour to leave the home tidier and cleaner than when I arrived.
Approximately the time I expect them to arrive home, I’ll send a quick text or whatsapp message “Welcome home! Please let me know if everything is in order”. I often will do a short video montage of photos and video I have taken of the pets during my stay and forward that upon the HOs arrival too.

I complete feedback within 24 hours of the sit. I don’t ask for a review, especially if I have already sat for the Homeowners 2-3 times prior, but they often will provide after seeing the feedback I have left for them.
To date I have kept in touch, via text, with all but one of the homeowners I have sat for long after the sit. They will often text me directly to check my availability before booking their next getaway. :slight_smile: I feel very lucky to have become part of their extended “family”.

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