Contacting HO to express interest even if you cannot make the posted dates?

Thank you, Therese, for asking and confirming with a tech that “Regardless of where I favourite a listing, I will receive notifications when new dates are added via an app push notification, if I have notifications enabled.” This is significant because the website is the only place I can see “Matching sits without current dates.” When on the website, I have searched for cities I would like to go someday, and sometimes after I scroll through all of the listings with current dates, it is followed by the above title and remaining home owners who are THS members but don’t have sit dates at that time. I have made some of them a favourite. It would be very hard to find out which ones I did that to vs the ones I made a favourite as I scrolled through the ones on my phone that show up when I get a notification for any that are in my saved search. I am very happy to hear that both places go to ONE favourite list.

Unfortunately, on my phone, once I get to a certain point in scrolling through my favourites, it seems to be in overload and alternately flashes and goes to blank screen. So, even though I’d like to wean out some of my favourites by removing the heart, it’s impossible to go through All my favourites on my phone, and on the website, I have to keep loading more and starting from the beginning to get to the next one. :frowning:
Having favourites with heart helps me not have to relook at the listing every time a new date is shown.
Thank you, again, for all you do, and for answering my questions/post.


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Hi @flopsy Thank you for pointing out the favourites issue on your phone. I have passed this on to our tech team who will investigate. Please bear with us as it is a bank holiday in the UK, so I will only get an answer tomorrow.
Best wishes

Hi @Flopsy, not ALL listings with " no current dates" are shown under this catergory.

  1. Listings that have a current sitter in place, and those with a confirmed sitter(s) for a future date(s) dissapear completely from view.

  2. Once the cuurent sit or future sit is completed, there is no guarantee that the listing is then shown under under “no current dates” its a kind of lottery system as to which listings are ‘picked’ to be displayed under this header, once all sits current and future have been completed…
    As a HO its very disappointing to have my listing dissappear for many months until after a sit is completed and then NOT be shown under the no current dates catergory.
    I want my listing to be visible for sitters to favour and therefore be notified when I post new dates.
    This matter is on the radar for THS to look into…

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I posted this before the 5 applications rule was introduced. Now I go for the option of saving a listing as a favourite on the app.

If you have favourited their listing and are available for their dates, then I´m sure they would expect that you would apply if you were available for the dates they need a sitter. So there would be no point to reach out to you if you haven´t applied after favouriting their sit.

Occasionally some do reach out, if it´s a very last minute listing and they are having trouble finding someone. But in those cases I believe they try to get in touch with their more local sitters, rather than someone a fair distance away.

So, are you saying that if I favourite a listing while on my PC, I will not get a notification about new dates for this listing on the app?
I will only get notifications through the app for the listings I favourite while on the app??

@Lake there have been differing answers, and differing opinions by forum members on that in the past. Given the post you’re referring to was a few months ago, I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator for a definite answer. I would also like to know the current status on that point. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did just search the help section on the main website and only see a help guide on how to favourite on the app. There isn’t a parallel one for favourite on the website. I don’t know whether that’s intentional or an oversight.


No worries @Snowbird . I have now read more of the forum content and have seen that Theresa has confirmed otherwise.

Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly though.

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