Correcting spelling error in posted review

Hi, is it possible to correct a spelling error once a review has been submitted?

Hi @SandC
No, you cannot amend a review

This might be something that @Therese-MembershipService can help with… I’m not absolutely sure but will tag her just in case :slight_smile:

A couple years ago I posted feedback on one of my sits and realized I had used the wrong wording. I contacted membership services and they made the correction for me.

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We certainly can make very small changes …eg spelling, or grammar so that the review reads as it was intended. But as a whole, the reviews cannot be changed.
I hope this helps. Please dm me if you need any specifics to see if we can help you.
Kind regards Therese


Thanks for the replies everyone, DM’d Therese so hopefully it will get sorted out!

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