Counter intuitive and hard to use

Long time pet owner and sitter here. I am trying to update and “sell” my listing, but boy the challenge is real.

FIRST, how do I see on the desktop sitters who favorited my listing? I am seeing this (below) although on the app I see a large number of people have favorited my listing. UPDATE, NEVERMIND I FIGURED IT OUT. IT TOOK 20 MINUTES.

I would like to look at their profiles and invite selected people to a 3-week sit coming up in June/July. This would be easier to do on my laptop than it is to do on my phone. What am I getting wrong?

SECOND, can someone remind me how I get the shareable link to my sitter profile (to put in my listing) and my listing profile (to put in my sitter profile)? I know It is “easy” but I can never find the way to do it. I have been looking for 15 minutes. Frankie bot does not understand “Link to share profile.” He encourages me to use fewer words/simpler question. Sigh.

THIRD, Just commiserating… I feel very sorry for all the pet parents having trouble finding sitters. I live in a popular urban area, no car needed, offering 3 weeks with flexible dates, and have 2 relatively easy house cats. I listed my dates on Friday night. It is now Sunday morning. I have one new-to-the-platform application from a sitter who has written about 3 sentences about herself and uploaded one photo. Normally I would have 5 applications on the first day. I am willing to consider a new sitter, but she hasn’t given me much info to take the leap on a video call.

FOURTH, Whose bright idea was it to include text about our pets from the Welcome Guide on our listings? Do you know how long it took me to figure out where that text was coming from and how to change it? It is completely repetitive with what I wrote under my responsibilities, but I am not going to spend more time to deal with that.

A frustrated combined membership customer
Close to tears
Thanks for any help and sympathy.


@Shella_in_the_Forum What exactly do you mean with ‘shareable link’ for your sitter & host profiles?
I am a sitter only but when I come across a sit where the host is a combined member I see a directly link to their sitter profile at the top of the listing. So I can view both of their profiles.
If you mean shareable link to a 3rd party that can be found (on the app at least) at the top right of the profile page.
Apologies if you mean something else entirely!!
Yes it can indeed be tricky to figure out the site, especially with the constant changes!
Take a deep breath! You’ll get there! :rofl::joy:

@Lokstar, thank you for trying to help. I am going to have to step away for awhile because I have been trying to do very simple things for hours now!

I think I mean both. In this instance, I want anyone who sees my home listing to be able to click on my sitter profile and vice versa. I do not see the links at the top as you do but maybe I am missing it. When I preview my listing, should I see that? And vice versa?

At other times, I do like to send my link to people or switch it out on my forum profile which only allows one at a time (!!!). I would like to change my sitter profile in the forum to my owner listing, since that is what I am trying to recruit for now.

Does that make sense? Thank you for your words of wisdom.

@Shella_in_the_Forum I just found your profile and wanted to check if both your profiles show up. I can see that you have live dates 20 June- 12 July. Usually I would click there (apply to sit) and once your application page opens the sitter profile icon will show too. Unfortunately I can’t click there right now as we are booked elsewhere on thise dates so I get the message ‘You’re busy with another date’ and can’t click on it! Perhaps another member can check it for you!

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When I click on your forum nickname, I see a link to your pet parent profile. Clicking on this link brings me to your parent profile and the listing. Once there, I see no link to your sitter profile.

Note; you can have both profiles linked to the forum

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We can now have both our listings and our profiles linked in our forum profile? That is great. Now if only I can figure out how to do any of this. I am not a luddite. I am a proficient tech user and have worked remotely for 5 years (pre-Covid). It is stunning to me how laborious THS is. It would help if the App and the desktop version were set up somewhat in mirror to each other.

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Anyone out there who has both their home listing and sitter profile in their Forum profiles? I would like to see it for myself before I spend hours trying to figure out how to do it. Thank you!!

Paste one link in the “Location” field and one in the “Website” field. However, the link in the “Website” field is not clickable. There must be a better way (the correct way). I saw it before, but I cannot find it right now. How typical. It works, Just tested it

This is super annoying!! Surely it’s a bug?

Hi @Shella_in_the_Forum
I wanted to pop-in to mention, that the Forum Discourse does not have the available boxes to have 2 URLs, but the workaround is to pop the 2nd URL under ‘about me’.
I have taken the liberty of adding your sitter profile to your forum profile now. This is done in your introduction box, under preferences - profile - about me.
Please feel free to edit anything there. :slight_smile:

On the TrustedHousesitter’s website, if you are a combined member, any member whom you have contacted can view both your profile and your listing at the top of their inbox messages. (View profile / view listing).


I agree that the UX needs to be improved. I just signed up as a HO (I’ve been a sitter for a year) and navigating between the two is super awkward. Also, when you look at your inbox, it’s not clear who’s responded to your listing and who’s replying to your application to sit. Not to mention pausing, changing dates, etc. Oy.

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Wait wait, where is this? I skimmed my profile and don’t see my WG info but maybe I’m looking in the wrong place.

Unless you’re talking about WG pet section images and captions showing up in the listing, which I agree is intensely annoying.