Couple from England & Malaysia

We live on the outskirts of South London. He is a born and bred Londoner. She is originally from near Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We have a cat named Hari (short for Harimau, which is Malay for Tiger). We have been HO members of THS for 3-4 years, although we have only had a sitter once (like everyone else we got locked down). We are travelling to Malaysia soon to see friends and family who we have not seen for two years, so we have our second sit lined up.
Mainly we joined THS because Hari hated staying in a cattery (he is an outdoor cat and likes his routine). When we go away for short periods we have a local pet sitter call by every evening to give Hari some wet food and a bit of company, but we think he gets a bit lonely if that is longer than about a week or so.
We both enjoy travel and other cultures (well, we enjoy our own cultures too). We’ve thought about maybe doing some sitting in the future, so have joined the forums now so as to get to know about more about other members.


Hello @Gwailo and welcome to the community forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face: