Hi Guys,
We are new to house sitting and just wondering if anyone can recommend any useful courses to do. We have done a canine first aid/cpr course and a chicken care course. Any other interesting courses you can suggest?
Thank you.


Hi Teresa Welcome to our community forum and what a great opening question also perhaps you could share the courses you have already done, if they are on line of course. We have surveyed our members periodically to assess the interest for courses and it will be interesting to see the response to your request.

Thank you for joining in the conversation and we’d love to share in your THS story. Enjoy the conversations and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team

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We’ve been looking into doing a pet first aid course, not sure where to look - if anyone has any suggestions of UK courses, it would be greatly appreciated!

We’re also keen on doing a dog behaviour/training course, just in case we have to look after some naughty puppies! :laughing:


Hi Chris & Suze there are a number of online courses I will see if there are other options via the Vet Help Line Service THS uses and perhaps there are forum members who can recommend.

Would be great to find these courses in Aus or NZ so we can support local operators. I did a quick search & none avail atm :cry:


Hi @RunnerC the Australian Red Cross do have some courses also Pet Professional …
I haven’t explored either, I just did a quick search.


Had a look for Nz based courses but as none avail, shall do an oz based one :+1:

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edX (courses from many institutions, free to audit) offers a couple of related courses:

Through our library’s online resources, we can access Gale courses. Start a Pet Sitting Business, taught by a veterinarian, included modules on canine and feline behaviour and pet first aid (including giving meds). There are also two levels of veterinary assistant courses there that probably include applicable skills (when the course is free, I’m quite comfortable picking and choosing the parts that I want to invest time into!).

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