COVERED Help in Austin, Texas, USA

Dates: Jan 18-22
Location: Austin
Country: United States
Link to Listing URL:

Request: Sitters needed ASAP!! We had some wonderful sitters lined up and unfortunately life intervened and they’re not able to come. Would love to have someone here tomorrow to live on our pups while we’re away for a long weekend!

@LauraBBrady welcome to the forum. Here you will find so much great help and insight from other members.

Your profile looks great, but I am wondering if it is possible to list a car as available and if this sit (since so very last minute) could accommodate a family. Some sitters are in between sits and may have a child with them. If that is listed (even in the heading) it might help boost some interest. I wish I was near there as I would totally want to sit with those two cute big babies!