COVID-19 vaccine

Nearly all over 50s in the UK have now been vaccinated. My partner and I were done 3 weeks ago. We had no side effects and, 3 weeks on, feel such confidence that we now have some protection.
I think it is wonderful the way the world’s scientific community has come together to make this happen, and rather sad that there is vaccine resistance because they have succeeded in doing it so swiftly.


I just received my second dose of the Pfizer this morning! I’m personally relieved to know that I have some protection, especially with anticipated international travel in the coming weeks and months, even though I’ll still have to test and quarantine and all of that because of where I’m going. Even if it turns out to be a vaccine that needs to be re-administered every so often or something (I’ve never gotten a flu shot) I’ve been pretty impressed by the studies about the efficacy of the vaccines so far and feel like it’s partly for my own peace of mind, as well as a general wish to be able to gather safely again!


A big, fat, YES. To refuse the vaccine is a really stupid move. Only the most selfish people would refuse it. We have to trust the scientists on this one, and across the world, we live our lives mostly free from disease due to vaccines developed and administered safely over many decades. To refuse the vaccine suggests we know better than the scientists and puts innocent people at risk.


Second Moderna vaccination today! :purple_heart:


Vaccine rollout has been slow here in Ontario as the third wave heats up. My elderly mother in law has received hers which is a relief but I imagine it will be a while yet until I can get it. I will be there with bells on when my turn comes!


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@LTD YES! Thank you!
There ARE no side effects! Everything reported can only occur either right away or up to 4 weeks later. Vaccines aren’t made like this. It’s simply not possible to have long term effects, not in the way that they suddenly occur years later. If there are any side effects they occur quickly and might not go away anymore.
I am not a scientist and Englisch isn‘t my mother tongue so I can’t explain it.
There’s never been more testing for any vaccine than this one. There have never been so many people to test it on. There’s never been so much money involved.
It usually takes years for new vaccines to be developed because there aren’t enough funds and the authorities take a long time to check everything. All this wasn’t the case for the Corona vaccines.
It’s simply not true that they were rushed through!