Covid in France

New decisions from our government yesterday night

It’s unfortunately true although it is the 1st of april

lock down again during 4 weeks in the whole country (I’m sure it will last as hospitals are overwhelmed) still no restaurants, no cinemas, schools closed for 3 weeks, no permission to take a train or a car between “départements” (~regions), curfew between 7 PM and 6 AM. No permission to go further than 10 km around your home

supposed to sit in Paris, I cancelled. The owner was supposed to go to south, she was obliged to cancel. We hoped the situation would be better after the 17th of april. Now we are not sure it will be better after the end of the month. So may sit cancelled

I shall receive my first dose of vaccine on april 10th (cross my fingers), I was on a waiting list not before may. But i’ll get the dose of a dead person in a nursing home.

You will not see many ads for sits in France…


Be thinking of you all
Stay safe .


@Provence Not good news for you or your country.
Here in Scotland we are easing restrictions this coming week and fingers crossed it continues and we don’t do the 2 steps forward and 1 back.
I haven’t left the city since the beginning of Dec 20
Wish you well in these hard times.
take care


Its been a really tough year.
Am so grateful that we live in the country/seaside.
Can’t imagine what living in a city would be like.
Just so so lucky and appreciate everything around us.
Stay safe everyone. Xxxxxx

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