COVID questions: a) housekeeper and b) dine together

Omicron is not necessarily mild. I had two shots and I live healthy lifestyle with no medical conditions. I got omicron in early January and was VERY sick for 2 weeks, and still coughing until a couple days ago. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Three different people/households in my family have all had Omicron so far, none connected to each other. Thankfully, most were milder. You just don’t know. I’m ever so glad I didn’t visit my elderly mom in the couple of days before I came down with symptoms.


So… if anyone is wondering:

the person [A] I’m sitting for on Wednesday didn’t reply (…and still hasn’t opened the message apparently?) and the couple [B] I’m sitting for in 4 weeks said they were fine with what I was asking, offered to do the handoffs outdoors, and asked if I’d be OK to stay another week.

I’m grateful for the support and encouragement from everyone here. Believe me, as someone who hasn’t worked consistenly or done much of anything for the past 2 years, pet-sitting is saving my sanity, as I at least have something to look forward to!


@MissChef , do you have person A’s cell phone number or personal email? You might hear from her sooner if you contact her via text or email. Good luck and thanks for the update!
I feel the same way you do. Through these past two very strange years, the saving grace has been pet sitting.



You are entitled to your opinion but please do be careful that information you include in your posts is correct.

The Omicron virus is mild for SOME people but it is much more contagious than other variants. It is still a dangerous virus - Every day in almost every country of the world people continue to die after catching the Omicron virus.

It is simply not true to say " Omicron contains much of the common cold virus" Omicron and The common cold do share some similar symptoms but are genetically totally different.


One thing to keep in mind is that you (and every human being) will eventually catch Covid. We personally don’t have a problem with house keepers coming in or having dinner with our hosts, but we are working on our immune systems a lot and haven’t been sick in years. In general, I would say it’s up to you what you feel comfortable with and it’s best to communicate everything directly and sincerely.

I did not yet have her number. I did send her a note saying, “are we still on?” …she replied promptly after that. :wink:

She addressed my concerns and even generously offered to wear a mask in her own home while we did the tour.

I would spend the rest of that first evening in my own room. They are leaving first thing the morning, and then it’s just me & the kitties! :heart_eyes_cat:


We have just returned from housesitting in England. One thing you might do if you would really love to have dinner with the HO is both of you test before meeting. We did this with several of our HO’s. All of us felt better. We skipped the cleaner also, and boy were we glad, as she came down with COVID during the time she would have been at our house.
You have to proceed with what is best for you!


That’s a good idea if rapid tests are available for you.

A word of warning that if you come to Canada, availability of rapid tests is very sporadic and depends a lot on where you live. In BC, you can’t even get them if you have symptoms unless you are high risk.