COVID Travel Information

Thanks, Angela. While it might be a difficult ask, perhaps THS could provide guidance/updates on travel restrictions during these times of COVID-19. I realize this is a fast-moving target and that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring travel rights is between sitter and owner, but any guidance you could provide (even links to embassies who monitor) might help to accelerate a return to the wonderful world of house/pet sitting for all. Just a thought (and one you’ve likely already considered, but…). -Steve

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I think that would be a full-time job with restrictions constantly changing all over the world :grinning:

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Thank you @sbrown as you have said this is a “fast-moving” global situation, one we have been monitoring constantly since the pandemic started and have published links to the WHO (World Health Organization) we consider all member’s suggestions and feedback on how we might improve our messaging.

There are published COVID guidelines on the blog and our advice is always consult and adhere to official government guidelines and directives regarding travel. One of the challenges of managing communications is the globally changing situation.

It would be interesting to know if any members had discovered other helpful resources.

The priority has always been to keep our community safe and supported. We are looking forward to helping members return to our amazing pet sitting lifestyle that everyone is missing so much.

Thanks Steve