Daily alert to late

What’s the point reviewing applications on the same time as daily alert!!!


Hi @Genevere - It really is a fastest-finger-first situation. Hundreds of sitters would have received the daily alert at the same time. Only the fastest five get the opportunity to apply.


I received an alert email with one of my most desired destinations a few days ago. I immediately went to click on the listing and it was already at reviewing. I couldn’t have been any quicker to respond but I was already too late.

As an aside, I’m also getting alert emails with destinations I’ve never expressed any interest in or set up a saved search for. Not sure why that’s happening. All rather frustrating.


I have to say that I am tied to my phone today and I QUICKLY opened an alert for NY…closed closed closed.
So I saved a HO that I would like to sit for in the future.

I wonder if SAVED listings get a priority alert then the generic email comes out at some point.

My saved searches seem to come at various times of day…

Those using the website get alerts once a day, and those using the App get more regular alerts but I suspect the alerts are not sent instantly when a new listing is listed which will be why we often get alerts where the five application max has already been reached.

Our best option now, to secure a popular sit is to give up our lives and spend 24 hours a day glued to the listings. For toilet breaks I strongly advise you to get someone to take over watch duties- No one wants to miss out on a great sit just because they needed a number 2!


Waste of time saving favourites now, unless you want to spend your life tied to your phone. I don’t think a lot of HO’s even know, they are only allowed to have 5 applicants.

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