Dartmoor seems to have disappeared!

Morning everyone. We had a great experience with Tim our HS last year and we have just advertised again for two weeks starting on the 27th March. We are near Chagford and within the Dartmoor National Park.

However when I searched to look for potential sits in Dartmoor we are not to be found. In fact there is no such place to find on the search. There is Dartmoor Forest which is the old name for the Park but may well not be recognised as such.

So two questions. How do I get my house put into different search categoties such as “Devon” and “Dartmoor” and secondly is itvpossible to get the search changed from Dartmoor Forest as it is no longer referred to as such

Many thanks


Hi @tombell13 good morning to you also and thank you for sharing the fact that you had a great experience with Tim last year. You are in a beautiful part of the UK I’m sure he had an equally great experience as will your next sitters.

The search and map positioning is something to ask the teach team, I’m going to tag @Therese-MembershipService who will pick this up for you tomorrow when she is back online.

Thank you Tom and Happy New Year

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Thanks Angela.
Dartmoor Forest is the mediaeval …… name of the centre of Dartmoor which was a Kings hunting area ( old meaning of forest). It no longer has trees to speak of!
Could we book our house under Devon and Dartmoor oR Dartmoor National Park ?

Just to put your mind at rest @tombell13 , your listing is still listed as a UK sitting. As a UK sitter, I have all UK sits on a Saved Search so yours did show this morning.
Unless someone specifically just searches for Dartmoor, they will see your listing.
Good luck in finding a sitter

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Hi Tom, just to reassure you. I have seen your post after completing a Devon Search.
And now thinking about applying.

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Hi …. let me know if you wish to. If so
I hope the weather improves. One good thing is the reservoirs have filled up at last …. :nerd_face:

None the less I would have thought Dartmoor would be a good search …. and if the Dartmoor Forest refers to Dartmoor UK. , the nothing is coming up there ( I think )

Hi @tombell13 - Let me have a look for you and I will email you directly from membership services. Kind regards Therese

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