Data Leak

Not sure if this is the right place for this message.
When I opened up Safari a couple of days ago I had a message to say that my password my may have been compromised due to a data leak .
The same thing happened today when I logged on for the community forum.
Anyone else had anything similar.
I have changed both passwords.
Is THS aware of anything like a data leak or a hack.

Hi @fyfie thank you for flagging we’ve not had anything reported, that I’m aware of, but I will pass this to the tech team.

Hi again @fyfie I’ve had a very prompt reply back from the tech dept.

“The most likely explanation here is that the member has used the same email and password combination for our site as another website that has had a historical data leak. We have no reason to believe we’ve suffered any data breaches. I would advise the member to change their password and not to use the same password on multiple sites”

Hope that helps.


Hi @Angela-CommunityManager
thanks for getting back to me
I don’t use the same passwords for other sites and I now have them generated for me via safari. The exception to this was THS.
On speaking to a friend he suggested that as I hadn’t changed my password for a while this may have been the reason for the alert and safari /apple was being cautious .

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