Dates of ads first publishing?

Could it be possible to see WHEN an ad has been posted ?
For sure the new ones appear as “new”, but after a few days (how many ?), if you have not watched the site for long, you really don’t know if an ad has been posted 1 week or 1 month before.

I’ve been a member of Nomador too and the date of the publishing appeared under the ad, it was useful, as much as the owner answer rate !

On THS you know how many applicants have applied, on Nomador you don’t

all these details seem important

(today I noticed an ad for may -visible mid february- is still there (the HO had already more than 30 answers, now he has more than 40 and my message appears unread…)


As I have learned from this forum, the number of applicants says nothing about whether it makes sense to apply or not. Some belief “the early bird gets the worm”, the others say, “if it fits, then it fits”. But will it make a difference if you know when a sit was published? For the chance of getting a sit, probably not. But it might make a difference on whether or not you want to apply.

Each sitter has its own strategy for selecting their sits. This includes the number of applicants, number and ratings of previous sitters, profile and photos. With an individual rating of these, each sitter decides for themselves, if they are willing to apply. From this point of view, maybe the date of publishing would be another helpful criterion. Whether it is useful or not, however, everyone must decide for himself.

There are sits where I would not apply. Like for example, here.

I do not know the HO, and there can be many reasons why the HO did not select. But I would not apply here, because I can not believe that no suitable sitter could be selected. See the dates here. The screenshot time is in the left upper corner.

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