Declining applcations

On 2 house swaps web sites i’m a member of, when somebody is too lazy to answer some member who suggests a swap, one can click on a sentence already imagined by the organization
THS could do that for lazy owners.

THS has its own message for the sitters (“ you have not been selected this time ”) once a confirmation has been sent by an owner to another sitter.

So it must be rather easy to imagine something like : “ We made our choice which was rather difficult due to so many nice applications. In spite of your qualities we do inform you we have selected another sitter . Thanks for your application
It would much better than silence. Even If sitters will understand soon it’s a THS message ( because already received in the past). And not a new private one written by the owner.

It would mean at least the owner has taken time to presse the button… if (s)he is too lazy to write a group message to be sent to all applicants not selected. Or of course a private message sent to each applicant

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