Deleting a post

I made a mistake and wanted to delete a post. It was impossible once i had sent it to the " wrong " category
I’ve got a message, in red “post can’t be empty”
I deleted my text, wrote instead a few dots
Got “post must be minimum 10 characters”

Can’t we delete posts ? Eventually copy them and send them in the “good” category?

Unable to delete i wrote a few “???” I’ve got

If you press the flag button under the bottom you should be able to alert and send a message to the admins of the forums. They will be able to delete it or move it into the correct place. It’s pretty normal behaviour for forum software for you not to be able to do things like this yourself.



(I wanted to be short, but if we can’t be over 1250 characters, we need to be more than 10)

:rage: :rage:

Hi Provence, I’ve DM’d you to try and help solve this. Thanks Paul

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Thanks Paul I received the message private, what means DM’d (DeletedMessage?)

I wanted to delete my message to you, as a test, but again I’ve got a message in red "it cannot be empty"

Apologies. By DM, I meant Direct (private) Message.

I’m researching this now but it is looking like it is not going to be something we can change and posts will need to be flagged to an admin in order to delete. I’ll keep looking just in case there is another way. I appreciate your patience.

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I must apologize @Paul-Admin, i had forgotten i could delete with the dustbin. Forgotten where the dust bin was ! Although @ChrisAndSuzeGoWalkies helped me. (Alzeimer?)

But to move a post in another topic, is there an easy way? It is not one of the choices offered when we flag…
"Other reasons"sound very vague