Deleting the unselected

Newbie here:

  1. Can I delete people who I’ve not selected to sit at my home or just archive them?
    I’d sure like to clean up the archive box.
  2. Also, is there a phone number to call in the US?
    It just gives a UK number.
  3. how do you let someone down easy when you’ve spoke to them, and they end up your #2 person but don’t get the gig?
  4. A person I’d like to archive is suddenly “not active” and I can’t move her out.

@Petermac posted this.a few days ago. I found it very helpful.


You can remove inactive members from your inbox in the app, but not on the website.
Press/hold/tap on the member name you wish to move to Archive, and the option to move comes up. “ok” to confirm.

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Thanks for this. But no way to delete them entirely?

Hi Penni
thank you @mars @Petermac for sharing. If you do not have the app, we at membership services can help you remove the inactive members from your inbox to your archive. The archive is the best option as there is no way to delete messages entirely.

It is always difficult to have to let someone down. However, you may be able to have them at another time, which could maybe work for you both.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need any further help. Regards Therese


Well Therese, you may find me harsh (tough ??) but some sitters have been so agressive with me because I had chosen too quickly to their point of view another sitter (the very first day of my advert publishing) that I would prefer to delete their application message.

Others have been unpolited (not replying, not even opening my message for days, behaving exactly the same way some discourteous owners do ) I would be happy to delete them too !

I’ve put them in my archive box, with a label “agressive” or “unpolited” but I guess THS has hundreds of thousands messages of applicants which will be never used. So why can’t we delete these messages ??

@Provence We can fully understand both your and other members’ reasoning on this. However, the message system has been set up so there cannot be deletion of any messages right across all accounts, purely, for the reason that should anything ever happen on a sit, or if there is any trouble in confirming a sit, we need to have a record of all communication between sitter and owner. I think your idea of using a label to identify unsuitable applicants is an excellent one.

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