Denver meetup late Sept-early Oct anyone?

I’m going to be in the Denver area in late Sept (9/23-10/8) and would love to meet anyone who’s in the area. Hiking, dinner, drinks, enjoying the beautiful fall colors, coffee, whatever. I love meeting like-minded souls who love animals and travel, getting to know each other and sharing stories and tips. Let me know if you’re interested.

@Karen-Moderator we are driving cross country in October and will miss you in Colorado by a few days! Maybe next time :blush:

We hope to see you in Pensacola in October! :slight_smile:

That would be great @Joanne!

Miss you by about a week. I’m sitting in Boulder starting 10/18 for a week.

Oh, so close @toml! Boulder’s beautiful that time of year. I’m hoping to get up to Boulder during my pet sit in Golden. Are you sitting for dogs who can show you around the local hiking trails?

Hello Karen - we are housesitting in Fort Collins through October 8th. I am happy to get together in Denver or Boulder if you’d like. We make Colorado our home base and do quite a few housesits here. Let’s connect!

I’d love to connect @gnsthorne! I’ll actually be in Golden, so let’s aim to meetup in Boulder. That would be lovely! I’ll DM you (and anyone else who wants to meet) in mid-Sept so we can work out the details.

I’m better with text or email. Look forward to meeting a fellow TH.

Hi @gnsthorne … just a note to let you know that we’ve removed the email address from your post as this is a public space. Please direct message @Karen-Moderator with personal details. Many thanks, Vanessa

A 2 yo mix and a cat. Looking forward to some exploring.