Did anyone move to a city they did a sit in?

I’m just curious if anyone other than us has moved to a city where they did a sit. My husband and I lived in Abbotsford, B.C. for 25 years where we bought our family home and brought up our sons but I always missed a more urban lifestyle. We talked about moving for ten years and just this March we did and wish we had done sooner. We did a lot of house sits in the Vancouver and nearby area which I loved and my longing to be in the city became much greater. We finally put up our house for sale. We moved to New Westminster and live in a condo right in the heart of the city and couldn’t be happier. We had done two house sits for a lady in New Westminster so got a feel for the neighborhood. It really was the impetus for our move.


I’m planning to move near Santa Fe, NM where I’ve housesit.

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