Did you ever pet sit with friends ? family?

When you read families are accepted on an ad, do you change your plans ? Do you bring teen agers with you or younger ones (your kids or not ? nephews in order to see the world )
Is it a ++ criteria for you ?
Have you ever asked to come with friends (when the place was big enough)
Were you afraid not to be selected asking such a thing ? Did you wait until you were selected to ask ? What was the owner’s reaction ?
Did you ever sit with friends ? How did you share the walks, the “work” ?
Reading the profile of the owner did you think it was useless to ask ? Why ?

Too many questions here Provence

OK I will not ask anything more. You all give me ideas. Sorry for that

Our mother dreams of being able to travel but because of her humble background she hasn’t had the luxury to do as much as she would like. She follows our website and is able to live through our travel stories and pictures, but it’s just not the same. Our dream is to take her with us on some of our future travel. Sadly, Covid has paused this plan (and SHHHHH don’t tell her, it’s a surprise. :shushing_face:).

As we’ve thought out some of the practical implications of traveling and house sitting with a parent, we know somethings will need to change.

We’d most definitely include her in our application, and most likely add her to our sitter profile pictures and ‘About us’ as a possible travel companion. The house sitting community is only what it is if it’s built on trust, which is fostered through transparency and communication. And, traveling as three might turn out to be a bit more challenging to secure house sits, but we’re optimistic that whenever that time comes, it will be an amazing experience for us and for mom! :smile:


If you ever want to sit in France, then you may bring your mother. We are totally open to that.
We’ve welcomed last year a couple of norvegians who asked us if another couple could come (in fact the 2 girls had been pet sitters and had references I could call, they came with their partners)
My only “must” is to speak enough french to manage in case of emergecy.
We don’t make plans for the moment but keep an eye . I don’t know how to send the link to my owner’s profile. I found your first name on your presentation, but don’t know how to contact you directly.


Thank you for the warm invite Provence! We’ve house sat in Paris but have always wanted to sit in other areas of France. However, we’ve found that not having a car in France is often a deal breaker. Also, Sergio has a very basic level of French, and probably not as much as you’d prefer. We always respect owners language preferences, but we’d argue that with today’s technology, you can do very well without knowing the language.

For example, Google translate has a feature that translates text in real time using your phone camera, fantastic for translating paper work, signs or even product names at the grocery store . There’s also applications that give you the ability to speak or type what you want to say and the app will translate it into text or speech for you.

Plus, we both speak Spanish and Shannon a basic level of German. So with our experience, determination and drive, there hasn’t been a situation where we haven’t managed. :wink:

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Well, if I could give you precise dates for next spring, you would have time to learn basic french !! :rofl: But I can’ yet. Where I live you don’t need a car as shopping can be made on foot, and coaches can take you to visit different towns around, but for sure it takes more time than using a car. But we have also 2 bikes.
I’m not sure google translation application helps you much when you need to call a vet…

:laughing: Sergio is working on his French already, so you never know!

We think a translation app that can speak for you would work well, since you could simply put it to the phone. The caveat would be making sure the app could understand what was being spoken back to it. Which is feasible, but we’d have to do more research/testing to be sure. And of course, in an emergency, we’d go directly to the veterinarian office, making communication much easier because it’s face to face.

However, this makes us wonder… @Angela-CommunityManager Has THS ever considered a translation service for emergencies on international sits where the sitters aren’t fluent in the local language? Similar to the idea of the vet line, but instead the ability to have a translator join the call when speaking with a veterinarian.


Problem is not the vet (who speaks english), it’s his assistant who replies the phone and gives appointments : she would not understand english… I could send you a mail Shannon, but in which country are you listed and what town on THS lists of sitters ?

@ScrewTheAverage that’s a very good suggestion, to date it’s not something that we’ve had to call upon and we do have two bi-lingual MS team members.

However as we grow and globalization is part of that growth, we will be positioning to service and support non English speaking members.

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I think non speaking english owners or sitters would not become members of THS. Other pet sitting sites exist in french. It must be much easier for them.
Somebody suggested to add the nationality of members (or the country where they live). Flags showing what languages they speak could be useful (even if it’s indicated in the profile)
Sometimes you understand that a member is french, due to an accent on a first name for example, and you feel it would be easier to communicate in his language than writing in english (less mistakes)

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I’m sure there would be a few home owners who would welcome you and your mother. Plenty take on families. That would be so lovely for her and an experience for you all.


My sister has met us at several housesits in both the US and Europe. Our son and his wife have joined us twice. We have never done a sit with a friend. that just seems a bit too much to me, but if it was a really close friend?? We have asked both before and after we have been selected. I always tell the owner that is 100% their decision and that there are no hard feelings if they prefer not to have anyone else. The few times we have asked the owners they have always said yes, no problem. It has been a lot of fun to have my sister and son join up with us once in a while.

I always let family know where we are. My sister actually went behind my back and asked an owner if she could come visit us in Oslo, Norway. What a surprise that was. The owners had a blast keeping it a secret from us. Imagine opening the door in Norway and finding your sister that lives in California standing there. What a blast we had - all of us had.


Superbe story


We’ve invited friends and family along to house sits. I write it in my application to ask if it would be possible if I think the sit will accommodate it and the homeowners would be receptive.
I’ve house sat with my parents and a good friend. I take on the responsibilities as I feel I have applied for the sit and it’s me the homeowners are trusting. Then my “guests” can help as little or as much as they like! They normally do and enjoy it as much as I do, in fact my parents now have an account of their own off the back of completing house sits with me!


It never occurs to me to invite people to stay at a sit but I would always ask if I can invite a friend in for tea or a meal. One of my earliest sits was for 5 weeks and as the homeowner showed me around the house, she showed me my bedroom and then showed me another saying “and this is for your guests”. When I showed my surprise she said, “of course you must invite friends to stay, it’s a long sit” so I had a variety of friends staying for weekends, which was lovely. I remain friends with the owners and have visited them since. Will definitely return there to sit. I must say though that this is very unusual.