Did you ever read other sitter's profiles ? Was it helpful?

I don’t know if all sitters can read other sitters’ profiles but when you are both an owner and a sitter, you can,

On this forum, if a sitter gives his/her link to his/her THS profile, you can read it too (few do it, why?)

i’m curious and would like to know if (do answer honestly) you ever read some other sitters’ profiles, and if some that you found very inspiring pushed you to modify your own profile or to send a new application with infos you had not thought to give previously

Some members of this forum have built blogs, sites, even written books we can buy on line, where they give advices. Do you follow them ? Have you learnt something ? Do you prefer to remain somehow original ? keeping for yourself what seems have worked as you’re often selected ?

I know I ask too many questions. Sorry for the members who think I’m always too long…

I do confess (!!!) some profiles inspired me to add details but I never copied exactly.


I love finding other house sitters profiles, social media accounts, their blogs, websites etc. as I have never met another house sitter in person. We all have unique experiences and to be able to share those is great. I am inspired by other members, I follow many and never get tired of learning something new. That’s why I really like this forum as I feel it is a safe yet honest environment.


Yes, a sitter can read other sitter profiles without an HO membership. But I don’t read profiles to see how others design their profiles. For choosing a housesit, I like to read the feedbacks of other sitters. They are an important source for additional information. But I like to check both sides of the coin. So I also read the reviews on the sitter page. But I do not rate or analyse the profile. My profile is supposed to reflect me, so it doesn’t help build it up as others do. All the tips and tricks in blogs, books or wherever are only small pieces of the puzzle. But if they don’t fit, it doesn’t become a picture. I think there are really only two rules: Be authentic and add as many photos, preferably together with animals, as possible. Just ask yourself the following question: Would I entrust my pet, house and valuables to this person?
So I see no reason to read another sitter profile.

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Well i 've learnt reading some profiles iI had forgotten to precise some personal infos such as my tastes, my former experiences with sick animals, my skills in gardening. I did not pretend to be what i am not. I thought, yes, it might be interesting to give that kind of info to Ho (i had forgotten to tell i speak 4 langages, using mostly english on THS)
Of course i adapt my text following opportunities.
You never know If you give too many details or not enough!


Yes. Seeing the profiles of successful sitters was very helpful, especially before I had gotten any sits through THS. In my first draft, I forgot to mention that we are nonsmokers, which is important to many HOs. I also learned that because we are in our sixties, we should include pictures of us hiking and caring for larger dogs to stress that we are physically active.


Thanks, you make me think I never specified that (non smoker and quite active…), and I’m older than you are… We learn everyday.


When I’m considering applying for a sit, I read the profiles of the people who have done that sit before.
It helps me see what type of person the homeowner typically chooses. For example, if they always choose couples and my husband is not available, I won’t waste my time applying. Conversely, if they typically choose older single women, I will apply.
It’s funny, I’ve found there are a few other TH sitters who seem to do the same sits as me. If I see they were chosen for a sit and enjoyed it, I would be a good fit too. (I’ve been doing this for a long time and so have they).
Also, by reading the review a homeowner gave for a sitter, I can gain insights into what is most important to them.


Welcome Millie. Very interesting. I agree with you : owners and sitters answers and feedback give many informations on sits.

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@Millie @Provence
I tend not to look at profiles but I do read reviews and feedback about the sit. It is a great way to get an inkling of the what why and where.