Did you ever read other sitter's profiles ? Was it helpful?

@Itchyfeet I saw that. The HOs looked absolutely loaded. They were / are a couple in the US. I’d love to housesit for them but sadly I’m only a mere ‘Basic Sitter’ so they probably can’t even see my profile.@itchyfeet

I recall Paul promising sitters wouldn’t be disadvantaged by the tiers! But if you place a crown on someone’s head, ie a big whopper of a shiny gold thing and write PREMIUM PERSON next to it, that makes them better than the commoners with only Basic Membership!

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Have you considered updating to the premium level? Still a heck of a deal if you do more than a couple night’s housesitting in a year.


The Premium Sitter’s annual fee is £199! More than double a ‘Basic’ Sitter’s annual fee! I can not justify that. Last year, like hundreds of others, I paid my renewal and had only two short sits for that. This year looks much the same, UK sits only, and only during my school holibobs.

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I understand. Everyone’s situation is different. I guess it’s easier for us, because we use housesitting as a way to extend the length of a vacation we would be taking anyway. For us, the fee has been equal to the cost of one night’s accommodation, now it will be equal to two nights. Most of our trips are 4-8 weeks long so for us, the benefits far outweigh the expense.

I’m happy they are still considering the possible implications of showing “premium” badges, but even if they don’t change them the way you’d like, I suspect most home owners are going to put more stock in the reviews you’ve received in the past, over a badge you may or may not display.


I have to agree with you @LTD. We are also only able to sit in school holidays (2 school age children and I also work in a school). As a family of 4, other “Premium” benefits like lounge passes are completely useless to us.

We only joined in 2019, so we have 5* feedback, but not lots of reviews. We managed just one short sit last year and our first one this year was cancelled due to COVID. So we aren’t getting the opportunity to build up lots more reviews.

We don’t want to double our fee just to display a badge on our profile so that we won’t look inferior to other sitters in the eyes of less informed home owners.


That last sentence sums it up perfectly. And as a single traveller, the increased fee is doubly difficult to entertain.

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I agree that the fee of £199 is ridiculous, just to get a badge, unwanted lounge passes and cancellation insurance which may encourage HOs to cancel without the same thought.
In over 11 years of house sitting, the only times my sittings have been cancelled was due to Covid.

The cost of membership of other sites which I have regularly used is less than £50 per annum and do not have the frequent technical hitches that THS experience


@Debbie @LTD @Itchyfeet … from your comments the main concern you all have is the question of profile badges, a reply clarifying the position on this was posted in the New Membership Plans for Sitters topic

Based on member’s feedback the Product Team are currently discussing the badge and it’s positioning and we will update everyone as soon as those discussion are completed. This project is part of many other product and engineering tasks and responsibilities and has been given high priority.

Thank you all and have a lovely weekend, hopefully in the sunshine.