Didn't know sitters cancellations could be so easy

Thank you @ElsieDownie & @Amparo.

In 14 years, 11 with TrustedHousesitters and 6 as a full time sitter, I have NEVER cancelled a sit. I had a confirmed 10 day, February sit in NY one year and was contacted by an owner in St Kitts & Nevis to do a 3 months sit, the NY sit fell at the end of the first month in the Caribbean … it never crossed my mind to either say yes and cancel or try to to arrange an alternative sitter for NY, even though the promise of warmth, sea and white sand was very alluring.

We know that most arrangements go smoothly, successfully and to everyone’s satisfaction.

What I would say to all members, sitters and owners, make 100% certain the sit is the right sit before committing. Have a Plan B in place and unless there are extenuating circumstances never cancel …


I agree. We would NEVER cancel a sit except for extraordinary circumstances.

I’ll admit we had to cancel three sits last May and we felt terrible even though it was totally beyond our control and was mutual as all of our home owners had to cancel their trips as well.


I just had a sitter cancel for medical reasons. I have 3 months or so until I need a sitter and I did re-list the dates. However, I wish there was an area where we could make a comment that we were looking for another sitter after the confirmed one had to back out. It might make it more likely that someone will step up.

After reading what everyone has had to say, I’m wondering if in my profile (or maybe in my applications) I should say that I’ve never canceled a sit. Just pondering the idea —- but I don’t want to jinx it! … knock wood, spit three times. :wink: Would you?

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You can add that comment @ShirleyE in the introductory part of your listing or even include it in your listing heading. Hope this helps you.


I agree with some members that there should be a visible tally of the number of times a sitter or owner has cancelled ( with dates) so we could spot the frequent cancellers, the pipe dreamers, the better- sit opportunists etc.
Of course most members here are keen to do the honourable thing, but I don’t think I’m being cynical in supposing some of us might yield to the temptation to find a better sit, better sitters, better dates etc.
For the record we’ve never cancelled a sit even though better ones turned up ( except in Covid-19 times of course)

No, @mars , I don’t think it is a good idea to state in your profile that you have never cancelled a sit. The majority of HOs would never think that a sitter would cancel and if you mention it then it would just introduce an element of doubt on the site that cancellations are frequent.


Personally I would not @mars. I would only respond if the other member expresses a concern due to a prior experience or concerns due to the pandemic, travel and such.
For me, the profile is a place to accentuate what your unique personality is like and what you have to offer.