Différence between invitations and assignment invitations?

I sent invitations to find a sitter after a cancellation, selecting people living in my country (i thought they would speak french, but it’s not always true).

Some sitters have answered me, explaining why they could not help me, but i still see in my mail box they were invited, although i thanked them back

Some have declined, with or without a message, probably pushing the decline button and then it appears declined, others have cancelled after an exchange of mails

But a few, who never answered, appear invited, under the mention assignment invitation

Did i invite them differently, did i make a mistake somewhere ?.

I thought i had behaved the same, sending private invitations. So what is the difference ? Why declined does not appear when sitters write no in their answer to me

I don’t want to appear as an owner who sends too many invitations , i do wait for negative answers before sending new ones.

Morning @Provence - I suspect some have just not clicked “DECLINE” as well as sending a message. My own procedure is to first send a message, then click decline, but I’m going to leave this for membership services to answer fully in case there are different ways. I just wanted to let you know I’ve removed your screenshot as it includes member names and we need to maintain privacy.

Speaking as a sitter I always send a message and then only hit the decline button once the message has gone. On a couple of occasions I have done both at the same time and it didn’t appear to work correctly.


Hello, I do the same thing. In first a message and after “decline”. @Provence @Vanessa-Admin

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I saw that, i thought it was better to show all different mentions, as we don’t see family names, or where the sitters are from, i did not think it was very personal

Problem is I’ve got 28 negative answers, do i need to ask all of them to push the decline button ???
I’m not sure they will do it… and it takes time, i spent my week end sending messages and replying

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It can be confusing, but messaging or contacting sitters and owners from within the TrustedHousesitters website messaging area is a “private” activity and so members need to feel safe that screenshots of anything they do in this respect are not shared in a public forum. Thanks for your understanding on this. We will check the process for declining requests with MS this morning and someone will get back to you.

@provence Good Afternoon … I will dm you for private info so I can look into your account and email you.